Importance of Business Finance

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The finance function is the functional parameter of a business entity which seeks to analyze the state of business finance. Business finances comprises of the revenue and costing parameter. The finance function is therefore the basic tool which is used to provide a balance between the incoming balances (revenue) and the outgoing balances (receipts). Every business activity should involve an optimization both to its costs and revenues to ensure the highest benefits and competitive functionality in the market.

Generally, the finance function is concerned with finding out the most adaptable business formalities as concerned with the expenses and revenues got within the business.

Since the success at the market full of competition is defined within the scope with which the business provide operational advantages, the finance option is allied with the use of functions, models, concepts, tools and management strategies for business receipts and expenses. (Anqlund, 2000)

Ideally, finance function can be allied to the financial management concept which is the basic threshold for providing the most desirable cost efficient and revenue structures which ensure the most adequate and profitable business performance methods.

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Through the function, business costing intercepts and business product pricing are provided at the most adequate scenario which helps to promote competitive advantages for the business within the market. Optimality in business finance transactions is what provides operational advantages hence profits/benefits.

The function is allied to provision of the most adequate methodologies and approaches through which both investment pricing variables (costs) and products pricing variables (revenues) can be dealt in the most adequate manner which brings business success.

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Adequacy in business finance function helps to provide financing management support where the costing and revenue structures are adequately monitored. Summarily, finance is used in setting the business finance functions for the most profitable business operations. (Anqlund, 2000)


Anqlund, S, (2000) Small Business Policy and the American Creed. Westport, CT: Praeger.

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Importance of Business Finance

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