Immigration for Better or For Worse

The recent immigration campaigns to enter America, such as the migrants’ caravan to seek refuge from Honduras, have inspired other migrants to head toward the land of golden opportunity. Nonetheless, the fact of illegal immigrants is a heavily disputed topic, the topic being specifically, should the United States allow the caravan immigrants or immigrants in general into the country. Which in turn could affect how the U.S's society and economy will change due to the more immigrants the U.S would allow to enter the country.

Following that thought, how has the influx of illegal immigrants affected the economy and society of the United States of America?

With recent increasing influx of illegal immigrants it has changed America for the better because, America’s image has been changed by immigrants, Americans view of illegal aliens, and what do aliens contribute to the workforce. For instance, how has the view of America been changed by immigrants and what is the image of the America now because of it? Reasoning behind this is that has the plethora of immigrants changed how America is viewed as a country like with the events that is occurring right now since America is dealing with the immigrant caravan trying to cross the border to America.

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Therefore, this results in America's view of immigrants to be mostly due to the pre-existing immigrants living in the United States. 'This is also supported by the article Camarota, Steven A, and Jessica M. Vaughan Immigration and Crime, “They mention from 1998 to 2007, 816,000 criminal aliens were removed from the United States because of a criminal charge or conviction.

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This is equal to about one-fifth of the nation’s total jail and prison population.” proving that the United States assume most illegal immigrants are criminals, which is also what our current president believes that most of the immigrants are not, they are trying to escape their country’s abuse and wish to achieve the possible “American Dream”.

Another finding that the view of America has changed by the hoi polloi of illegal immigrants is that of W., Jonathon. “The Politics of Immigration: Introduction to a Special Issue on US ...” that “This growing Latino influence challenges the status quo on several fronts.”Which states that not only Latino immigrants but others from other countries challenge status quos when their (the immigrants) numbers blossom as they can challenge how the government can work in the stance of that if they become active in politics they could change the government of the United States. Although that is true one must consider that most of the immigrants being illegal, they are considered a danger. Equally important is that why is “The America's image has been changed by immigrants” it is imperative to discuss, with what was stated prior. What can one say that the statement that why is it important is that American has always been a country that was founded by illegal immigrants before the term was coined. Regardless, America and other countries that harbor illegal immigrants seem to affect their appearance to the public and based on the country’s response to the waves of immigrants their appearance does change for better or for worse. Additionally, one must consider that the nation itself is a land of illegal immigrants, so it would seem counter-productive to just state that the escalation of illegal immigrant that has come are just a bunch of middle aged men that are with the drug trade or are criminals that wish to enter are country.

On the contrary most are people that wish to seek a better life than the one that they left behind, almost like the first Americans, but they weren’t called illegal immigrants So, in turn the image of America has changed due to it is a land of immigrants but in the country’s life span it seems to have forgotten what made America, America and in turn of its absent mindedness it presumes that illegal immigrants are a threat to itself. Although one must take everything with a grain of salt in order to see it to believe it in this case, continue reading the following research or do some research of your own to see how The Americans image has been changed by immigrants. Well for starters from Massey and Douglas S. “The Truth about Undocumented Immigration.” they domention “Between 1986 and 2010 the United States effectively militarized its border with Mexico, increasing the size of the Border Patrol from 3,700 to 20,000 officers and expanding the budget by 23 times from $151 million to a whopping $3.5 billion annually.” Now with this we can see that with the influx of the mass amounts of illegal immigrants that come to America that the U.S. responds by fortifying the border, but what would that mean for the immigrants less of a chance on entering the country.. Reading the article further,one comes across this statement “ Politicians proclaim that militarizing the border reduces illegal immigration – and they want to spend more and more taxpayer money this way. But careful research shows that fortifying the border has led to unintended consequences”. Which would in turn imply that by expanding the U.S’s expense on the wall would be a waste rather than anything.

Another finding that was found was by Zong, Jie, et al. “Frequently Requested Statistics on Immigrants and Immigration in the United States.” Is in which they state “An estimated 11.4 million unauthorized immigrants resided in the United States as of January 2012 compared to 11.5 million in January 2011, according to the most recent estimates issued by the DHS Office of Immigration Statistics. These results suggest little to no change in the unauthorized immigrant population from 2011 to 2012.” Granted that the information is slightly out of date, one can’t deny the fact that the amount of illegal immigrants is a factor to play when it came to the U.S section in the last finding that the U.S wishes to respond to the illegal immigrants will build a wall and increased military force. Following up on what applications immigrants gives leads to the next topic what Americans views on illegal aliens. Well for starters looking at López, Bialik and Radford. “Key Findings about U.S. Immigrants.” at Pew Research Center, they state that “Overall, a majority of Americans have positive views about immigrants. Six-in-ten Americans (65%) say immigrants strengthen the country “because of their hard work and talents,” while just over a quarter (26%) say immigrants burden the country by taking jobs, housing and health care.” that in mind we can see that the mentality of that americans view the immigrants that come to America as a way to “strengthen the country” than be a burden. Don’t dismiss that 26% other it still means that there is a percent of americans that thing that they are a burden and are taking the american peoples homes, jobs, and health from them.

Another view that the american people have on the immigrants from Felter, Claire, and Danielle Renwick from their online article, “The U.S. Immigration Debate.” In the article the Council on Foreign Relations states that “ A 2017 Gallup poll found that 71 percent of Americans considered immigration a “good thing” for the United States. A year earlier, as many as 84 percent supported a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants if they meet certain requirements. A separate Gallup poll found that among Republicans, support for a path to citizenship (76 percent) was higher than support for a proposed border wall (62 percent).” In which we can see from the polls gathered and provide results that still the american people view immigrants as a benefit to the nation. One can also see that they talked about a 62% support for a border which would mean that there is still a percent of Americans that disapprove of immigrant coming to America.

Although that's maybe true in America its majority rule so in a sense the American people see immigrants in a acceptable way then in a negative way that some would think that Americans would view immigrants. Another finding was that of Robertson, Lori “Illegal Immigration Statistics.” they bring up the fact that “Illegal Immigration Undermines National Security While most illegal immigrants may come only to seek work and a better economic opportunity, their presence outside the law furnishes an opportunity for terrorists to blend into the same shadows while they target the American public for their terrorist crimes.” In which the americans of the U.S are fine with illegal immigrants coming for work reason they have the doubt that they could be hiding themselves as “terrorists”. But even so our own officials give off the same atmosphere in that they see immigrants as terrorists, narcos, or criminals that are going to bring negatives to the country then positives. In addition there was another finding by Schoen, John W. “Are Immigrants Bad for the U.S.?” that state “But the wave of immigration a century ago also brought to this country some of the most important contributors to American culture, science, business, education and health care, to mention a few.” with that in mind not all Americans view the immigrants as a danger but as a benefit as well.

For the purpose of understanding, why is it that how Americans view the illegal immigrants important whatsoever? Now is a better time than ever to discuss about thereason why it is important is depending on how the Americans of the US view, react, or respond to them it can affect how the immigrants will either wish to come here, chose to stay, or leave. Imagine that america is made to be a land of peace and freedom to other nations that are ruled by corrupt Official and to the citizens they would rather leave then stay and head to this promise land of opportunity. But with the way that some of America's officials wish to take the approach of the mass amounts of people, the officials would rather keep the illegal immigrant out. But compared to what they had to endure the immigrants would still try and enter America. Even with the idea that they will not be welcomed or not. Although one must consider that mainly the political side of the table on which other people would side on as stated from the research presented that the people of america is for the majority are accepting of the illegal immigrant but, there are always the few that speak out and has a negative approach to the topic.

Despite that, one must consider that the whole of America is a land an illegal immigrant that came here running away from tyranny, religious reasons, or for a better life that is what America is and has been it is just that America itself has forgotten what is is. However, the topic that illegal Immigrants are changing america for the better is true but their is alway backside to things. For instance, immigrants are changing America for the good but they are also changing America for the worse if not done with properly. Like what Orrenius, Pia states in their article “Benefits of Immigration Outweigh the Costs” about immigrants in the workforce, “it lowers the wages of competing workers, while raising the return to capital and the wages of complementary workers. In other words, the immigration surplus does not accrue equally to everyone.” in which case, whenever an illegal immigrant joins the workforce they seem to cause a shift in the wages of other workers when competing for work and with the “Immigration surplus” it is not helping the fact that Americans who are trying to get a job under normal circumstances will pay taxes to better the economy as in most cases illegal immigrants don't pay taxes. Another instance of immigrants changing America for the worse is from Michael McDonald “Top 10 Pro & Con Arguments - Illegal Immigration -” in which the author states in this section of the article“Immigrants on average tend to have larger families that those in the U.S. This difference can strain the resources of local school districts”.

That in mind think of how the U.S would hold out their resources if they are being consumed even quicker. Although, at the same time the U.S still doesn’t have enough resources to give to all of it pre-existing people causing a greater struggle for the immigrants just trying to live and the American citizens in America. Comparatively the next finding of the research is “What do aliens contribute to the workforce.” That seems to closely corresponds to what the other two findings seem to connect to in terms of when illegal immigrants come to america. Now what do immigrant do to the workforce well it is stated by Orrenius, Pia. “Benefits of Immigration Outweigh the Costs” that 'When immigrants enter the labor force, they increase the productive capacity of the economy and raise GDP. Their incomes rise, but so do those of natives. It’s a phenomenon dubbed the “immigration surplus,”. That in mind consider that even if it was an American and not an immigrant and just the population of teenagers that massively just joined the workforce the productive capacity of the economy and GDP would still rise but not as much so with the illegal immigrants they boost not only nation's economy but also provide an income rise for the Americans is a win-win situation.

Another point to be made is that of what Lisa Christensen Gee,Matthew Gardne and Meg Wiehe 'Top 10 Pro & Con Arguments - Illegal Immigration” mentioned in their joint in which they stated 'Undocumented immigrants contribute significantly to state and local taxes, collectively paying an estimated $11.64 billion a year”. That being said the influx of illegal immigrants has helped the U.S economy in bring an assist to the government state and local taxes. Which in turn would help the citizens of the U.S Another finging on how the illegal immigrants change the workforce is As is what Hanson, Gordon H. “The Economics and Policy of Illegal Immigration in the United States .” wrote “it redistributes income from low-skilled native workers to employers and it creates a net gain in national income by allowing employers to use their land, capital, and technology more productively. Economists refer to this net gain to the U.S economy as the immigration surplus. The size of the surplus depends on the productive potential of the arriving labor”.

That in mind that the U.S is using the immigrants for low-skilled labor to better the company's means than to do it out of the benefit of the company's heart to help the immigrants. But one must consider that the immigrants that come to this land take the jobs that people really don’t want to do but yet the common people will still shout and preach that the illegal immigrants are taking away jobs they are but mainly the jobs that americans don't wish to do because they forget that those jobs need to be done and if the americans do not wish to do them then the immigrants with no skill that don't mind the work will take the job. Equally important of discussing the topic of “What do aliens contribute to the workforce.” is to discuss what is the importance of the topic of why including it into the research as a finding. The reason why this finding was important is that this very topic is one of the main reasons people view the influx of illegal immigrants as a negative then a positive. The American people view the immigrants as when the immigrants do a job a american can do the american then takes offence in that the american is more deserving of the job then the immigrant. But all in all why don’t the American people take the jobs that the immigrants get then complain? The reason lays in that fact that Americans are aware that the low-income job will not pay enough to support them or their own expenses so the Americans would assume that some other Americans will take the job. Although in actuality the illegal immigrant that enters the country will take it being that they will work for set amount and the skills required for the job are not high.

So this is whyone would consider why the topic of “What do aliens contribute to the workforce.” as such an importance in which it shows that the americans don’t seem to wish to take the low-income jobs that require no skill but rather take jobs that, “Pay more”, show skill, and work environment. When the immigrants would rather not care and take whatever low-income job comes to live in America to live the “American dream” than from where they come from. All things considered the results of the research state that the results seem to show that the people of america seem to not really dislike the immigrants as much as they used to. Americans seem to accept them being that the immigrants help the economy and add more to America's diversity, as America in itself is a nation that is made by and for immigrants. Some of the major findings of this research were that one would assume that a majority of Americans would not like immigrants in their county, but then again almost everyone in America is from a illegal immigrant past. Another is that with an increase of immigrants into the workforce is boosting the economy and raising the U.S GDP; which in turn helps all of the workers in America. Applications of this research would assist future research on the topic of illegal immigrants is illegal immigrants are not as portrayed as America would assume and in actuality help the U.S in the more ways than one.

Updated: Oct 12, 2021
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