Immigration and Citizenship in the United States

Immigration has had a lot of impact on American citizen’s dream since the late 1800s-1900s. Approximately ten-million immigrants entered America. To live the American dream would be to live in peace without worrying about money, safety, or hunger. Money plays a big part in the American dream. American dreams are becoming distant when it comes to immigration, wealth, and self-belief.

America has been a land of opportunities for everyone across the world for centuries. America has been kind enough to give immigrants living here.

But that can change at any moment. For example, in Barack Obamas speech illegal immigrants have way less advantage of the American dream because they don’t have as many advantages for work which takes support away from Americans searching for their American dream. Barack and his family got more opportunities and Barack succeeded tremendously. Because they don’t have money.

It is the reason why a lot of immigrants come to our country because it’s the money pot for them.

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Everyone isn’t born equal; some are born into life with a silver spoon in their mouth and some are born into the dirt. For is important to the American dream. But is very hard to get. The use of repetition ‘ten thousand dollars’ is to evoke the meaning and hope that’s in the future of life-changing money. And lastly for self-belief is expressed in the poem he saw the way one has witnessed changes in lands.

The belief of ‘the changing moon’ gives hope to have a better land of happiness when one has been destroyed.

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Overall, the American dream can be different from most citizens’ points of view because everyone has struggled with life challenges during most of their lives. Not every person in the world can live the American dream because not everyone can accomplish these goals. The American dream is to be successful, safe, healthy and happy with people who are loved and joined.

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