Image Essay Topics

The Man Who Invented Time-Slice Camera

When someone mentions the movie Matrix, what most of us would automatically remember are the visual effects technically known as bullet time, where actions or characters seemed to have frozen in time and then moved in a really slow motion.  Since its popularization in the movie, many have adopted the technique. While many have started… View Article

Body Image and the “Double Bind”

Society and mass media has always been in charge of creating and setting standards and categorizations by which America and the rest of the world is supposed to live by and live up to. In this country, image is of the utmost importance, and who we presume to be is more important than who we… View Article

Kudler Fine Foods Photography Analysis

In order for Kudler Fine Foods to continue being successful, our technology should be constantly updated to keep up with our competitors and stay in line with upgrades. The company must modernize the ways in which consumers identify and differentiate with the Kudler Fine Foods brand. Investing and developing a strong marketing plan using impeccable… View Article

Social Imapct of Photography

In politics, images have always made governments very nervous because of their powerfully persuasive and propagandistic potentialities. (In 1835 – before photography – the Emperor Louis-Philippe banned caricatures, describing them as ‘acts of violence’ too dangerous to go unchecked…) Then along came the photographic image: swift, visceral, intense, realistic, and clothed in an authenticity unlike… View Article