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Identify three key characteristics of the marketing concpet

The first characteristic is to target a certain part of the market in order to satisfy the majority of customers, by doing this Britvic had to figure out not only who had a need for their product, but also who was most likely to buy it, by finding out this type of information they would have to consider following factors such as, age, gender and other factors in order to determine how their products would fit into the customers lifestyle. The second characteristic would be identifying their customer’s needs and finding out what a customer would actually be looking for in Britvic’s products, by doing this Britvic would have to use customer focus groups, surveys/questionnaires and gather this information based on a common customers expectations of their products.

Last but not least, according to marketing concept customers should be at the centre of all the organisations activities. Therefore all departments of Britvic are responsible for customer satisfaction and only in that way their goals can be achieved.

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Explain Britvic’s micro and macro environment

Marco forces of marketing environment can affect all organisations operating in market. External marketing environment consists of six categories of forces: political, economical, social, technological, environmental and legal (Dibb, 2012:76). Those forces are uncontrollable and often called PEST or PESTEL. Generally, businesses can prepare for the unexpected by using PESTEL analysis. For example a new legislation of television advertising of food and drink to children has led to the use of non – television campaigns i.

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e. sponsorship and celebrity endorsement like Wimbledon or British pantomimes play an important role in Britvic’s marketing strategy. Micro environment factors are factors close to a business that have a direct impact on.

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