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Our employees will be compensated by getting a good compensation bundle for both the advantage of the company and the worker. The payment plan will include:

- 20% more income than the typical salary each month
- Guaranteed raises and rewards based on task efficiency and/or time with business
- Paid Volunteer Days
- Time off unpaid
- Getaway Pay
- Health Insurance
- Usage of the business vehicle

Likewise, our business awards benefits based on benefit, these are non money perks referred to as 'Em ployee of the Month', perk day of rest, or a good parking area.


There are numerous qualities that make a great boss. At Honda Automotive Style Engineering, we have worked with a boss that respects and has actually gotten all the expectations to lead this company to success and assistance improve the workplace in the structure with weekly interactions with the workers.

An effective boss will:

1. Set clear expectations

2. Coaches (somebody who educates and motivates his staff members along with leads the business).

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3. Gives feedback.

4. Is inclusive.

5. Learns more about staff members.

6. Works fearlessly.

7. Is open and sincere (communication is necessary).

We see The Talking about Design as an effective management style due to the fact that it promotes discovering through interaction. In this design the manager encourages vital thinking and vibrant conversation by asking employees questions about the problem, chance, or concern that should be fixed. The manager is a facilitator guiding the discussion to a sensible conclusion. This design works because it's based on interaction, coaching, decision-making and recognition.

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As executive officers, we manage workplace dispute by playing the function as an integrator. We look for to hear a variety of sensible opinions and have an exchange of information before deciding. This style of handling workplace dispute motivates innovative thinking and works at analytical when concerns are complicated however it does take time.


This company hires employees that are compromisers when it comes to either conflict-management styles or working at this company in general. When compromising at this company, we force taking something from all parties involved and giving up something in return. When all parties to a decision are knowledgable and have good suggestions, this style results in good decisions. But when some parties contributing to the discussion are not fully informed, the final decision can be weak and we do not tolerate alienation, avoiding or domination. We are looking for 3 types of positions: Architects, Mechanic/Engineers, Designers (All must have a designing degree).


At Honda Automotive Design Engineering, we create a community feeling in the building. Our offices are designed for employees to have lots of space, freedom and wide communication with the other employees. To prevent worker alienation, we have created our offices to be a happy and comforting atmosphere and in order to do that we changed plain, boring, simple office spaces into warm colourful walls and more open space for communication but also providing separation walls so the room does not becoming loud or chaotic, enough for a functioning workplace.

Recruiting the best employees possible will be simple giving them special accommodations, for engineers we provide them with tons of space in the building and utilities. For designers, we provide all the utilities, essentials, workspace and organization products (files, compartments etc.).


To meet the needs of a diverse worker population, we aim for employees with different ethnicities and personalities. We ensure that the work environment is a safe space free of harassment by 24/7 security on building grounds, employees have the right to complain and/or notify authorities and the manager, and we hire employees that are open-minded about gender, race, religion and sexual orientation. We do not tolerate any kind of harassment in the workplace and we also provide rules towards that topic.

The Honda Automotive Design Engineering is redesigned to maximize productivity and employee satisfaction for the work environment. On the graph 7.6 (page. 206), we think that our employees would rate their job/workplace regarding economics fairly well because we provide job security, fair/reasonable pay, health plans and a paid vacation. Also, Contribution and involvement would be rated excellent because we allow employees to work the way they want in their office space, they can make a difference to improve the companies growth and production as well as participate in decision-making.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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