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Work in a business environment Essay

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1.1 describe what is meant by diversity and why it should be valued

Diversity can be differences in race, heritage, customs, belief systems, physical appearance, mental capabilities; etc Diversity should be respected and valued because nobody is completely the same as anyone else, even within the categories above. People tend to reject what is different. We must value our diversity in order to work together.

1.2 describe how to treat other people in a way that is sensitive to their needs

You should treat everybody equally.

Treat people how you would like to be treated by other people. To be sensitive to people’s needs you have to first find out what their needs are for example if you had a colleague that was in a wheelchair you wouldn’t treat them any different to any other colleague in a work sense as they should have the same opportunities as everybody else to grow and further themselves within the company.

To aid them in a day to day basis would be to hold the door open for them and make sure there where wheelchair facilities within the company.

1.3 describe how to treat other people in a way that respects their abilities, background, values , customs and beliefs

Treating other people in a way that respects their abilities, background, values, customs and beliefs is important in the workplace, as we are all part of a team. It is respectful not to make fun of other people’s opinions and beliefs as there is never one ‘right way’ of thinking. Everybody has a different mindset with different opinions on how things should be done. To get a clearer understanding of other people’s opinions and beliefs you could ask for their input where necessary. You should never speak badly about someone’s abilities, background, values, customs and beliefs as it will offend them.

1.4 Describe ways in which it is possible to learn from others at work

It is important to be able to learn from others as everyone has their own way of doing things, so this is a great way to learn new skills or even strengthen the set of skills you already have

You can learn from others in a business organisation by: * Ask others for feedback. * Take on board constructive criticism and act upon it. * Asking for help in areas that you are unsure of within the business organization. * What other peoples way of doing things and you will be able to learn from them.

2.1 describe the purpose of benefits of confidentiality at work Confidentiality at workplace is important because it shows that there is trust between yourself and your colleagues. At the beginning of your employment you will sign a contract of confidentiality to make sure what is said in the office doesn’t leave the office. Also it is part of the database protection act. The benefits of confidentiality are that you know whatever is said within the office environment treated with the strictest confidence and also it means you are able to have a level of trust within the office and also with your colleague.

2.2 describe requirements for security and confidentiality in an organisation

The requirements for Security and confidentiality in the organisation are that if you have any work with clients/colleagues personal information then you shouldn’t leave them in view for other people to see as this could lead to fraudulent activity or discrimination against that person. The organisation must remain professional at all times and must never disclose too much information. If annual income sheets are disclosed within the office it could cause problems so it is important to make sure these types of files don’t get into the wrong hands. The data protection act helps to secure the amount of disclosure with the organisation.

2.3 describe legal requirements for security and confidentiality as required

In an organisation, there are a lot of legal requirements as we deal with a lot of peoples personal information e.g. address’, telephone numbers and names these all fall under the data protection act so they must never be disclosed to anyone outside of the office or to anybody who isn’t working on the job.

2.4 describe procedures for dealing with concerns about security and confidentiality in an organisation

In an organisation, the procedures for dealing with concerns about security and confidentiality are first make sure the problem has been identified and then tell a supervisor/manager if you think it is a possible breech of the security and confidentiality procedures.

3.1 explain the purpose of keeping waste to a minimum.

By keeping waste to a minimum you are being cost effective and time efficient, as waste costs the company money because they will have to replace whatever has been wasted and also it takes up a lot of time if you do a job wrong you will have to go back and fix the error. Also it is environmentally friendly to keep waste to a minimum especially if it is paper. Things like recycling will help to keep waste to a minimum.

3.2 describe the main causes of waste that may occur in a business environment.

In the business environment the main causes of waste that may occur in a business environment are paper waste made from errors and mistakes. For example if a job comes in for 50 photocopies and then laminating after, then you spot an error on them you would have to do the work again, therefore making all the previous work useless and it would all have to be thrown away which means all the paper will go to waste and also the laminating sheets would have gone to waste which isn’t cost effective or time effective. Also if photocopiers, fax machine, computers are left switched on when not being used is wasting energy.

3.3 Describe ways of keeping waste to a minimum

Keeping waste to a minimum is a good way of being cost effective, saving time and materials. Ways of keep waste to a minimum are always proof read any work and get a colleague to as well (as they could notice a mistake you didn’t) before printing it out. Make sure you do the correct amount of copies that are needed and check to see that the printer is set to the right settings. Turning off electrics will save energy and electricity in the organisation.

3.4 identify ways of using technology to reduce waste

Using technology is a fast and cost effective way to make sure we waste less. Instead of writing notes or letters for people you could email, fax or ring the person. This will help to save work time, energy, paper, ink and any other materials and people needed.

3.5 outline the purpose and benefits of recycling

The purpose of recycling is so that nothing is wasted and also to help the environment, it is part of procedures to recycle any waste that can be recycled e.g. paper. The benefits of recycling are that it helps the environment and anything that has been recycled can be used again.

3.6 describe organisational procedures for recycling materials

Organizational procedures for recycling can be banks for the separate materials. Also, just taking care in the materials you order for the organization. When recycling you need to have a collection point, a storage point and a distribution point for your materials. You can also have a recycling service.

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