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My Family Story

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I wake up on a saturday, more excited because it’s finally the weekend! On Saturdays we normally go out with my family over somewhere far. But this time round it’s not the same.

”Mum where’s my suitcase” i yell across to my mother.

”It’s in the car already, hurry up and get ready were about to go on the road trip”. My mum is screaming from the top of her lungs.

Im finally in the car but as per usual, were leaving late AGAIN! Dad hops in the car with mum, my little sisters and brother.

Were finally leaving but it doesn’t feel right, as this is our first trip since my older sister passed away from cancer not to long ago. It feels wrong.

We’ve been in the car for a solid 4 hours already and im getting tired, so I decided that im going to fall asleep and hopefully by the time I wake up we’ve reached our destination.

(Sally is Dreaming) she’s sleeping in the car

I’m at the hospital, ready to see my sister who i find out has brain cancer in her head.

”Mum what’s wrong with hannah?, is she going to die? Is she really sick?” crying to my mum as im trying to find out what is happening with my older sister. Mum replies back and says

“Baby, im sorry to tell you this but your sister is very sick. She has brain cancer and she doesn’t have long to live.

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Im sitting down crying while everyone else is in the room letting me know everything’s gonna be alright. I turn to my sister and tell her

” I love you very much, i’m sorry for being a little s**but i really do love you”.

“Aww i love you so much baby” she replies.

My sister than turns and looks at me and gives me the biggest hug, whispering to my ear, she said “don’t worry about me i’m going to live longer than they say and prove them wrong.”

I giggle and laugh and hug Hannah very tight.

“Hannah has to stay in hospital” —

“Umm WHY? I thought she was coming home today?”

I didnt let mum finish off what she was saying but what she was trying to say was that Hannah needed to stay in hospital for a while because she needed to have some treatment and chemotherapy, that cancer patients have to help get rid of the cancer. I had hope for my sister that she was going to get better soon and be able to come home sooner than later.

We as in me, dad, my little sisters and brother say our goodbyes to mum and Hannah were going home and going home to rest. Mum stays at the hospital to keep Hannah company and look after her.

It’s now the next morning and were all getting ready to go to the hospital to see mum and Hannah to give them company. We arrive at the hospital and im very happy to see Hannah.

“Um where did most of Hannah’s hair go?” I questioned mum.

“We decided it was time we needed to cut Hannah’s hair, as she has already started her chemo, by the time it reaches the end of the week all her hair will be gone!” mum explained softly.

I felt sorry very sorry for Hannah. She had to go through so much and it was killing me to see as I could see she was going through so much pain but she wasn’t showing it at all but I knew.

“Hannah do you need anything? snacks , food, clothing etc” I said to her.

“No im fine, but ill let you know” Hannah replied

“Are you sure you don’t need anything?”

“Sally i said im fine” Hannah gigiled.

(1 year later)

Hannah had had cancer for now 1 year and a bit. She had gotten much worse than before. Hannah was always spewing up, vomiting, coughing and all that gross stuff. The doctors had come in one day saying they wanted to try some sort of treatment that may potentially cure Hannahs cancer and make her feel so much better. My parents had said yes they wanted to try that treatment plan to see if it was going to work. Hannah had been on her treatment for about 1 month and things were getting so much better with Hannah’s health.

“Hannah do you want to go out and play?”

“Yea sure, let’s go play outside or in the game room before I have to go back home”

Hannah and I went out to play outside because I was leaving to go home soon. We went outside than shortly after it started to rain, so we decided to go back inside and play in the game room.

” I think we should go back to your room, it’s starting to get late and time for me and the others to go home,” I said.

It was now the next morning. I decided the night before that now i was going to stay at the hospital instead of mum and look after Hannah. Which sounded like fun.

“MUM can i stay the night at the hospital with Hannah instead and you go home?” I asked mum.

I was hoping she would let me stay, but mum had said no!

It was also the morning where we were going to find out, we weren’t sure if it was going to be good or bad news.

The results had come in “would you like to hear the good or bad news first?” the doctors asked.

My mum then said ” let’s hear the good news first”

“Okay, the good news is that your daughter is now cancer free. Bad news is that I won’t be able to see your beautiful family anymore!!”

It was all tears and joy after hearing the good news that Hannah was now cancer free. Hannah had gone through so much.

“Would we be able to take Hannah for a while so that we can do some tests, just to be sure that the cancer is gone?”

“Sure take her for as long as you need to”. Mum replied to the doctor who had been taking care of Hannah through this journey.

After doing the extra scans everything was clear. I had cried for a very long time, because I had known that my sister could do this and prove everyone wrong.

Sally has now woken up from her dream:


“What’s going on Sally? Are you okay?”

“I just um had a dream, it was about Hannah. I just wish the dream was real and that it’d happen “ I said to mum.

Mum than said ” what was it about?”

“I had a dream that Hannah got cured for her brain cancer and that she didnt die, everything was just real. It felt real.”

I started crying cause i had realised just how much i have missed my sister being around. Just as i had woken up i had realised that we had arrived at our destination. I just wanted to go home already. It didnt feel the same as before. I just wish that whatever happened in my dream, that it couldve been real and actually happen. That was why i woke up screaming .

“I want to go home already” i cried to my mum.

So with that being said my mum had agreed so we packed our things and left to head back home with the long drive ahead of us.

Once we got home i went up to my room and cried myself to sleep. My mum had walked in and said ” everythings going to be okay”

I hugged my mother very tightly and smiled. But i had missed my sister very much.

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