I See Myself In The Future

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I see myself in the future at age 18. I graduated high school trying to figure out life living on my own. I am working hard at my temporary job to pursue my lifelong career as a nurse practitioner or a doctor. But trying to pursue my lifelong career is a lot harder than I imagined it would be.

I struggle with providing for myself while trying to juggle a job and trying to enlist in the military specifically to become a medical officer and then leave the military so I can go to school to become a doctor.

My job is not paying as much as I hoped, so it is a struggle to be able to keep up with house payments, car payments, and being able to pay for groceries. I try as hard as I can to continue to provide for myself so that it is easier on my parents not having 4 teenagers in the house because for them and for us as siblings, it would be an absolute living nightmare.

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So at moment, I am enlisting in the military but I decided to meet up with my mom and have a talk about some way of being able to move back in with her until I can get myself back up on my feet and begin to provide for myself again.

So I meet up with my mom at Starbucks and I agreed to help out with my brothers and help maintain the cleanliness of the house until I can find a job that can pay more so I can live by myself in an apartment and still be able to afford house payments, car payments, and groceries.

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Now that I have a place to stay and that is all figured out, for the time being, I can work on getting myself enlisted in the military to become a medical officer. I have a problem that I can not pay for college if I go into the military. If I go into the military, I would have to be in the Army for 2 years for them to pay for college. If I want to get benefits from being in the military, I would have to be in the Army for 4 years and my original plan was to do 1 year.

So now my new plan is to remain in the military for 4 years so I can get the benefits and have them pay for my college so I can continue to get a better paying job so I can get back up on my feet and not be a 30-year-old living with my parents because I can't find a good enough job that I can be able to afford the payments it takes to live on your own without another human being.

Living life the way I wanted to live is not going exactly as I imagined and planned for it to go. I am not living on my own, I am barely getting anywhere in my career and I am struggling with finding a better job, starting to lean towards unemployment. It seemed a lot easier when I was younger, but now that I am older, it is starting to open my eyes to a lot of things I didn't realize before.

I am finally getting somewhere with my career at about the age of 19. I am finally into the Army working my way to becoming a medical officer soon being able to become a doctor in the real world. I am loving what I am doing and really heartwarming to help care for people who sacrifice their lives for us by choice, not by chance.

It has now been 4 years and at the age of 22, I am finally ready to retire from the military to become a doctor and help people the way they helped my brother with his medical problems when he was younger. I am going to a great medical school thanks to the military for paying for my college. I am getting straight A’s and doing really good in school and pursuing what I wanna do.

At the age of 25, I am living an amazing life. I am finally a nurse practitioner at a nearby hospital. I am married to a high school sweetheart, whoever that may be very shortly. I have also adopted a beautiful baby boy and a baby girl and am living an exceptionally amazing life. It was a very long childhood and I am glad to finally have the life I have always wanted to have since I was about the age of 6.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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