I Am Not Esther Essay

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I Am Not Esther

In the text ‘I am not Esther’ written by Fleur Beale a character I liked was Kirby Greenland. I liked Kirby because she taught me about the themes of loyalty, deception and a sense of your own identity. I liked Kirby because she had experiences a lot of changes in her life. The most significant change was finding her own identity as she grew and developed as a teenager. She was always determined to find her mother even when it felt like there was a brick wall at the end of the road.

I also liked Kirby because she stayed true to who she really is even when she was forced to be someone who she really isn’t and also Kirby is also caring and always there if someone needs her. I am not Esther is about a loving mother and daughter relationship torn apart as a mother had to leave her life behind and leave her life and moves to Africa, but later we discovers that really she is still in the country but in a mental hospital.

Her daughter has been told to stay with relatives that he has never heard of but they are no ordinary family, as they are members from a strict, very religious cult. They have changed her name from Kirby to Esther and forced to follow the severe set of social standards by the elders have created. They cannot interact with the normal outside world as there is no television, no radio, no newspaper and no mirrors. She is forced to wear long, modest clothing. She has no idea where her mother is and is beginning to question her own identity.

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