Human Resource Management

According to Dr. Harvinder Soni. Human Resource Management has become the most challenging field in contemporary times as the success or failure of an organization is largely dependent on the effective utilization of all other resources by the human resources. Human resources are the most vital forces for the success of an organization and organizational survival. An organization may be rich in financial resources, infrastructure, and technology but if it does not have the right people to make optimum use of these resources, it cannot enhance its profitability and market share.

Strength Of Human Resource Management

Improve employee turnover. High employee turnover hurts a company’s bottom line. It cost twice as much as a current employee’s salary to find and train a new recruit. As a human resource professional, you’ll know how to hire the right people for the company from the start. Interview candidates carefully, not just to ensure they have the right skills but also to check that they fit the company’s culture.

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It’s important that you outline the right compensation and benefits too. Human resource professionals also need to pay attention to employee’s personal needs. You’ll need to discuss clear career paths too as employees would like to know how they can grow within the company. Human resource professionals usually only see employees when there are problems but to reduce employee turnover, they will regularly visit staff members and enquire if they are okay and happy. Therefore, by improving the employee turnover will lead to more stability and survival of the company.

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Employee satisfaction

Human resource specialists are usually charged with the responsibility of determining employee satisfaction by having human resource skills, you can set up surveys, focus group and interview strategies to help you determine whether employees are content or not. Human resource professionals determine what the underlying causes are for employee dissatisfaction and they address those issues and motivate staff members with creative solutions. They try to find out what exactly these problems are that employees are facing and look for ways to assist them where needed. By doing so it helps in organizational survival.

Improve employee performance

Human resources teams develop performance management systems. If a company doesn’t have a human resource professional, candidates can easily get a job without having the necessary skills and expertise for the position. And for this reason, human resources is needed in every workplace. With the line-manager, you’ll have to give employee performance reviews on an annual basis. Be open about their accomplishments and things you think they could have done better.

Training and development

Human resource departments conduct needs assessments for employees to determine the type of skills training and employee development programs that are required for improvement and additional qualifications which are necessary for organizational survival. Every startup or company in a growth phase can benefit from identifying training needs for its staff. It’s less expensive to hire additional staff or more qualified candidates. This can also reduce your company’s employee’s turnover and improve employee retention.


Lack of Support of Top Management: HRM should have the support of top-level management. The change in attitude at the top can bring good results while implementing HRM. Owing to passive attitude at the top, this work is handled by personnel management people. Unless there is a change in approach and attitude of top management nothing remarkable will happen.

Inadequate Information: Some enterprises do not have requisite information about their employees. In the absence of adequate information and data base, this system cannot be properly implemented. So there is a need to collect, store and retrieval of information before implementing human resource management.


Due to the changing environment the human resources managers have an opportunity to contribute to as they move from simply handling personnel issues to making a strategic contribution to the future directions and development of an organization which leads to survival and development of human resource management.


The responsibility of HR professionals has attained greater significance due to globalization. People with diverse cultures, languages, national and ethnic backgrounds are working in the same organization resulting in a diverse workforce which has to be handled optimally with the twin objectives of both employee and organizational growth.

Human Resource management is Changing Focus

Organizations in contemporary times have become relatively more dynamic, vivid and customer-centric in order to survive in this highly competitive market. This has made the role of a human resource management more challenging because the sustenance of any company is dependent on the performance of its human resources and also the apt utilization of all other resources by them. The traditional role of HR managers was confined majorly to maintaining employee records, managing employee compensation and other administrative work. But the demands and challenges for this profession have vastly changed in the past few years. In the present scenario, the HR function has become more strategy-driven and the HR manager is now expected to play a vital role as a strategic partner.

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Human Resource Management

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