How We Stereotype Men?

Conversations about gender stereotypes are mostly one sided and frequently inclined towards women’s perspectives. The society identifies most men as the Joker, the Strong, the Silent, the Masculine. Here are 12 stereotypes that we severely need to break down about men.

  • All guys are fuckboys

This is a serious misconception where men are objected in a way that they are only interested in physicality in everything they do specially when it comes to girls. I mean not all guys are fuckboys and look out for girls everywhere.

  • They all have an undercut.

Guys are seen trending, anything that can make them sexually desired for women. They are believed to have an undercut, wearing tight fitted tshirts with bomber jackets and beaded bracelets. Always clean shaven or properly shaped beard. This is how we have made an image of an ideal man which is utterly untrue.

  • Clubbing/picking up girls is the forte of men.

All those guys who are there for clubbing have only one purpose: pick girls and take them home.

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Well, most of them have a girlfriend and others, a life! So let’s chuck this stereotype out of the list for all men.

  • Masculinity in appearance and behaviour

Men are said to behave a particular way which shows masculinity specially how they walk, stand and look. Appearance is a big misconceived stereotype of how men should look more than how they want to. Comfort is often sacrificed in the need of forming an image.

  • Men have to approach first

All the girls, if they admit or not, kind of expect the guy to make the first move.

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Why? You are creating a gender role yourself and then complaining about it. You can approach first and that can actually make you look bold. So next time, you go ahead and approach first.

  • Rich guys are rich brat guys. Period.

Believe it or not, rich guys are always perceived as rich brats and that’s just wrong to do this to men who are actually very grounded in nature. Not all who have riches show off their assets, kids.

  • Men are physically stronger! *wait whaaaat*

Because they are huge and have muscle mass, they have more physical power and can lift a box easily while women have to TRY. No son, well if they are physically stronger, then women are mentally stronger and nothing beats that.

  • They always joke around, duh!?

They are always known to be joking around, being a womanizer, classclowns but people don’t understand, men feel much more than women but choose practical ways to live like laughing out!

  • Most men are goons.

Men are also considered to be involved in gangs and have the masculinity image of beating people up, called “rowdy” and apparently have “unadvicable habits”. For a fact, some men on the contrary are more mature and handle situations very calmly.

  • Men are more into drugs than women.

Men are also more inclined towards drugs and always want to be in “nasha” and “intoxicated. This is the biggest stereotype. Women around me are probably more active than men are.

  • Men do not care!

Men do not care. Men care the most. They do not show. Doesn’t mean they do not care.

  • Men are expected not to cry.

Men in our society are expected not to openly express emotions as such. Why? Why such indifference in gender roles? I love men who cry, fyi. It shows they are open to their vulnerability and do not need some stupid validation for it. More power to them!

With these, we expect to progress a little and break these stereotypes by starting small, don’t we?

Updated: Aug 10, 2021
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