Men and Woman Stereotype Images

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Nowadays in society, people were tend to judge other by stereotypes how we portray ourselves to others with our appearance base on how we groom, communicate, actions and gender roles.

There are different traits of how men and women were portray:

  • Firstly, women have to stay at home to do housework, taking care of the children and not being able to step up of their own house.
  • Secondly, men they have to work, earn money for the household and being a backbone of the family by giving their wife allowance to purchase household items needed for their necessities.

    Women will spend hours in a retail shop whereas for men, they will spend less time window shopping for items that they are purchasing and they have limited time efficiency.

  • Thirdly, women are more practical than men as women will purchase items of needs and wants whereas for men, they will purchase items that personally buy the wants that they want such as: game consoles,figuring, gaming equipments.

  • Fourthly, women wants to portray themselves in a best possible ways such as buying makeup products to beautify themselves and purchasing more beauty apps in order to use the tools to beautify themselves in pictures. Women spend more money on their necessities such as:


Lastly, women are not interested in getting latest gadgets but, for men they are more likely to invest more money on the latest gadgets in order to stay in trend.

  • Some characteristic is connected with a particular gender and have a negative image of others.

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  • Some characteristic have a special individual which is connected with his or her gender which will affect the social effects.
  • Women often seek for their own rights and redefine traditional gender roles.



  • Refers to many different variation of attitudes, beliefs,law, policies and behaviors that discriminate based on gender.
  • This is shown that this is a gender inequality
  • Women get harassed and insulted words at work.


Word used for feminine traits:

  • Dependent
  • Emotional
  • Passive sensitive
  • Quiet
  • Graceful
  • Innocent
  • Weak
  • Flirtatious
  • Nurturing
  • Self-critical
  • Soft
  • Sexually submissive
  • Accepting


Words for men traits:

  • Independent
  • Non-emotional
  • Aggressive
  • Tough-skinned
  • Competitive
  • Clumsy
  • Experienced
  • Strong active
  • Self-confident
  • Hard
  • Sexually aggressive
  • Rebellious

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