Empowering My Role as a Pharmacist Through Education and Experience

When my parents and I moved to the United State back in 2007, I was thrilled to see the new place and the environment, but little did I know the struggle I had to face. The first few months were intimidating as I had to learn to speak and write English. My parents were incompetent to the smooth transition to America ways to learn English. In short amount of time my parents decided to invest their time and energy in to finding job and learning English, along with supporting me and my brother.

Finding a stable job was not easy, as we conveyed from one place to another, I had to shift different school. Although there were bounteous changes in my life-one being that I have always been altruism and benevolence.

The financial struggle was real, despite these my parents never failed to provide us the value and importance of goodwill. My parents worked from morning to night and seven days a week just to provide necessities.

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To help my parents, I worked part-time while attending a full-time institution. Working and attending to my academies I learned to manage my time where I can accomplish my assignment and extra credit work, along with my extracurriculars and volunteering at hospital or shadowing doctors.

It was a tragic experience to hear that your grandmother has seventy-two hours before she can go in to comma. My grandmother had severed stroke and the doctors did everything they could. I was devastating time for my mom and her brothers were devastated.

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These seventy-two hours were critical for me and I could only imagine how difficult it was for my family. Though I did not know the whole story, but just scheming through the room every members of my family was in tears, as whipping my mother’s tear I assured her that my Nani (grandmother) will wake up and she will be fine. The hours passed, my Nani woke up, but she had hemiparesis, which mean her entire right side was paralyzed. Nevertheless, I was diligent in helping my grandmother walk with her cane to activate her muscle. To this day, my grandmother can walk half mile with her cane. These has taught me patience and opened the door to volunteering service at hospital.

Aside from tangible benefits of volunteering, I learned to interact with others by helping patients and listening to their life stories. For example, one day, while waiting on my ride after my volunteer shift, the lady next to me was weeping her eyes regarding to the life crises, listening to her story as well as her catastrophic situations, and letting her know that everything will go smoothly and making her feel better. This interaction directed me to improve self-worth, meeting new people, and helping others get through tough time, which also contributed to greater sense of confidence.

Ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to go in medical field because having a sick immediate family member at all time inspired me to become a better person, to help other who are in needs. While shadowing doctors and volunteering in hospitals throughout my high school and college career, I was not thrilled. I was not relished the idea of physical examination of patients. I enjoyed interacting with people, though I still was not quite sure the element that lacking.

It was through pharmaceuticals that my grandmother is able to live healthy life, despite the condition. My grandmother warfarin for blood thinner, .My grandfather having hypertension, takes microzide to prevent stroke. My grandparents are not only living healthy life but they’re living a healthy life.

I almost finished my college with a degree in chemistry, before I decided to pursue my career path in pharmacy. The change in my career led to me, after working at a pharmacy. It had inspired me by customer and the trusted link between doctors and patients. I gained clarification in many areas such as communication, organizational skills and problem solving. I was responsible and paid attention to details pertaining to job. Offering unwavering assistance in maintaining and improving their health, I gained positive interpersonal and professional skills. Furthermore, I also learned that patients trust their pharmacists, for example when I worked at pharmacy, people were known by name and there was a sense of community. I knew at last, my passion was a pharmacy, and it was a perfect career for me.

Pharmacist abet people when they are sick and clarify the medication for them to improve their aliments. Working as pharmacy technician I have noticed the cherished offered by pharmacist about each of their medication, which has rooted to my desire. Through this experience, I have learned that pharmacist not only provide the confidence in patients but they’re also compassionate. Pursuing my career in Doctor of Pharmacy will help me gain clarification and knowledge where I can assist and help the community by applying my knowledge and proficiencies, during the pharmacy school.

Updated: May 03, 2023
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Empowering My Role as a Pharmacist Through Education and Experience essay
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