How Does Military and Professional Bearing Associate Together

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The leader that does not have a solid military bearing risks losing the trust, certainty, and most importantly, the respect of their Soldiers. The loss of military bearing has prompted leaders to be relieved of their obligations. Professionalism is a key component in not only the military, but also in life. Leaders are not the only ones that can suffer from bearing, Soldiers as well. In a working environment you must always remember to never mix business with pleasure. What you do on your personal time should never correlate with a working relationship.

Mixing the two could not only build an unhealthy environment in a job setting but in your personal life was well. What is bearing? In my opinion, a bearing is acting in the manner Soldiers and leaders are relied upon to act, showing a professional persona. Military bearing originates from pride in oneself, pride of being a Soldier, a leader, and in support of the nation.

What is professionalism? Regardless of where you work, it's a rule of thumb to abstain from being sloppy or excessively easygoing in your correspondence style, consistently appearing late, intruding on coworkers in gatherings, and making inappropriate remarks.

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Conduct like this could be a red flag to your boss that you are not taking your job seriously and could lead to you losing your job. As a professional there are a number of key traits that you should abide by to have a successful career. Appearance is a necessity in professionalism, you have to at least look the part.

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You must also, make certain to meet the requirements of your company's dress code. Another trait is demeanor as it could change atmosphere of the room. You should also be respectful and articulate when you are communicating with people. Reliability is also a key trait, especially when people are counting on you. Communication is key and you should make sure to reply to people promptly and finish tasks as quickly as possible. Competence is the most important in my opinion, because you need to know what you are talking about and make it an effort to become an expert of your craft. Lastly, maintain your poise, when you are challenged, you should probably express your case in a calm way.

What does Military bearing mean? Military bearing is the root wherein each soldier practices so as to do great all through ones military career. Army regulations and soldier's creed represent how a military administration part should act once a day. The number one component is that you have to be a dependable soldier. To be a dependable Soldier you must show your NCO's that you can arrive to work and appointments on schedule, comply with time constraints, be in the right spot at the correct time, and making the best choice at the opportune time. Morning formation is the most significant formation of the day. Dependability is a noteworthy aspect of military bearing. Without dependability, one can neither perform appropriately in the works place nor be relied on by their coworkers, or chain of command to complete their military duties sufficiently.

A military service member is required to be prompt, and dependable. Absence of this in a service part hinders the mission of the command as well as of the whole Army. Respect is simply the honesty that one takes so as to do the orders of the officers delegated over the service member. You must respect superior because they are your senior. Their actions decide the capabilities of a unit and their general accomplishment of a mission. A senior commander is not just any person given a rank and occupation. They experience vigorous preparing to turn into the person they are. Through classes, preparing, and experiences they gain. For an example, a platoon SGT in the Army had a squad leader in his platoon that he absolutely hated. They didn’t speak unless it was work related and probably never had an encounter outside of work, but that squad leader was excellent at his job and always kept his bearing. Years later, the PSG was a CSM and the squad leader just got promoted to 1SG and called the CSM looking for a job. Even though that CSM couldn’t stand that 1SG from when they assigned to the same platoon, he gave him a job, solely on his professionalism and work ethic made this possible. That CSM didn’t need a friend, he need someone that he knew would do his job effectively with no discrepancies.

How does military and professional bearing associate together? To have military bearing is to have professional bearing, the only difference is that with the military, things are stricter. In a regular working environment, as a civilian, it is normal to occasionally talk to your boss or have a relationship outside if the work place. In the military however, not only is frowned upon, but both parties could get into a substantial amount of trouble. With knowledge about the difference between military bearing and professional bearing, everyone can conduct themselves according in any situations.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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