Highways: A Comprehensive Government Initiative

Group 1 consisted of, Humayun, Umer, Hussnain, Farhan and Usama. Theirs project topic was Motorways. The Motorways were necessary for the country and it was a comprehensive initiative taken by governments in 1990s. Both M1 and M2 planned and started in 1990s and rest of the seven were planned but started in 2010s. It was important because it made transportation easier and made connectivity easier among the cities. This resulted in huge job creation, increased FDI, and it resulted in increased connectivity with neighboring countries.

These projects were one of the phenomenal Public projects and it resulted in great benefits for state and benefitted the public hugely.

Group 3 consisted of, Abeeha, Aleena, Izza and Hania. Their topic was Islamabad International Airport. This project was necessary because since independence Chaklala served as an airport for Rawalpindi and after Islamabad was built, the pressure on airport kept on rising because it had no place to expand and traffic was increasing with every passing day because of Islamabad.

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So, the government decided to build this airport and it was need of the hour as told before and it is brilliant decision by the government. It has a large capacity and it connects many areas as it is outside the city. This airport can handle multiple traffic at a single time as it was built on new methods and technique.

So, it was a great Public initiative. It resulted in easy and increased movement. It helped increased connectivity. It bettered the image of Pakistan. Group 5 includes, Mehmood, Saad, Kamal, Waqar and Umer.

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Their topic was Lowari Tunnel. This project was necessary because Chitral was a hotspot for tourists but it wasn’t attracting much tourists because of no connectivity. Due to this lack of infrastructure, people of Chitral were also living a difficult, underdeveloped life with no facilities. This tunnel is the only possible way and it was a great Public project as it increased connectivity and made tourism expand. This expansion in tourism was beneficial for both government and people.

As, tourists came this resulted in increase in revenue for the government and for the people it resulted in an increase in opportunities and many businesses were opened and people were able to lift themselves out of poverty and thus able to increase their living standards without relying on the government. Topic of Group 7, is Layari Expressway and it was presented by Suraya, Jasmin, Khalda and Warda. This project was essential because we know that Karachi is the largest city and port. This results in huge business activities around the city and this project was necessary as it wil help ease the burden inside the city and faster movement and business activities. This project also proved beneficial for people living there as they were relocated and given land & money to build their houses and new area had proper infrastructure then previous one.

So, this project was a great Public project as it helped ease the burden inside the city and also resulted in easy and increased business activity beneficial for both people, businesses and government. The topic of Group 10 is, Kamyab Jawan Youth Empowerment Program. It participants are, Ayaz, Mumtaz, Naseem and Arslan. It was an important initiative by government in collaboration with UNDP. This project was aimed at increasing the skills and capability of youth and giving them chances and make them self-dependent. Many youths in Pakistan rely on jobs especially boys from underdeveloped areas. But this is a plan to make them capable to run their errands and lift their lifestyles and to not be dependent on the government. So that every young person has equal opportunity because Pakistan has the highest ratio of young persons.

Thus, this program is a brilliant idea as it will help young persons to achieve their targets on their own. This will make them reach new avenues on their own and thus, play an active role in country’s development. The project of Group 11 is Policy Support Program and it was presented by Asma, Rafia, Sumiya and Hina. This project is part of international targets of MDGs and now SDGs. Its aim is to identify the problems and how to overcome those problems and suggest new ideas for new arenas. Its main purpose is to make policymaking faster and efficient by identifying those areas which need to be improved. This project was a success, as it helped in identifying key social issues and suggesting solutions for them.

It also helped in easy and increased planning for eradicating the social vices that led to numerous problems like poverty, urbanization, inequality, climate change, etc. His project was of great help for the government because it eased the burden on it by accelerating policymaking with the help of private institutes, increased funds for government institutes and increasing research and understanding of deep problems. So, this is a great initiative as it helped state in many fields and helped them to eradicate many problems that were hurdles in achieving those SDGs and meeting the international standards and targets.

This project is presented by Shumaila, Nimra, Mahmoona and Mahnoor. Their Group was 14 and topic is, Research Officer – Reforms and Innovation in Government for High Performance. It was an important study as it will help in fastening the process of transforming the government in to a new arena for taking a step and producing a brilliant idea or an effective technique. Making an innovation is not only for private sector but the government can also innovate by taking an idea and developing it according to the need. The government can be made effective by using effective techniques, getting adapt to the new technology and rapid responding to people problems.

So, it is essential for the government to adapt to the changing environment, accept new technology and should use effective methods to develop a policy and strategy. Group 15 project was presented by Rabbia, Iqra Altaf, Rukhsana and Iqra Shaheen. Their topic was, Decentralization, Human Rights and Governance. This project was necessary as 18th Amendment gave provinces unlimited powers. It was necessary that human rights are given, people who are governing know how to govern and how to distribute powers so, that the performing task will be easy.

It was essential because decentralized power resulted in change, that how things will be distributed and people will be governed. It was also essential to assess that all people in provinces have been given equal rights and they are not being violated. It was necessary for the self-dependency of people to make them skillful, gave them the knowledge, so they can make decisions. They can know what their rights are, what is right and what is wrong. They should know how to ask question to the governing about their actions. So, it was good initiative creating self-awareness.

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