Healthcare Interview


This paper is based upon a conducted interview of a certified employee of Larkin Neighborhood Medical Facility This paper will include a summary of Larkin Neighborhood Hospital. It will describe the targeted department, kind of work carried out in this department, and particular info that makes it special. Furthermore, this paper will describe all obligations in care and will include questions addressed by the interviewee.

Summary of Larkin Community Health Center.

Larkin Community Hospital severed as a basic hospital for those clients who in requirement of surgical and treatment.

Larking Community is a physician-owned, acute care in bed healthcare facility accredited by Joint Commissions. In this facility, clients will have best and compressive care at its best quality. This center offers a range of services that include bariatric care, cardiology, dental care, emergency care, family medicine, memory disorders, occupational health, outpatient and inpatient care, podiatry and foot, pulmonary care, psychological health, surgical treatment, and recovery. It accommodates domestic clients who experience physical or mental disabilities.

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As part of the Graduate Medical Education Committee, it teaches health care specialists of all elements of care by tracking and examining all healthcare choices. The medical facility will also implement and execute policies to guarantee regulative compliance remains in order in concerns to homeowners.

Targeted Department

The targeted department is the area where patients need more help; this is what makes facility various from the rest. In this section, resident help is available all hours of the day. All of the staff members are trained to offer adequate care.

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All resident aids are very first aid and CPR certified. Local help are readily available to offer ambulatory care when need for the client. Due to the fact that more care is supplied in this section, there are more resident aids on the floor to make particular that all needs are satisfied.


The person been interviewed is Ira Agastein, a resident supervisor of Larkin Hospital Community. His responsibilities is to make sure that residents are getting appropriate care by performance evaluations, make certain residents receive their medication when needed, and handling complaints by patients or their families. Agastein is in charge of enforcing implications of action plans that are developed to improve operation efficiency. As the resident aid supervisor it is his responsibility to ensure that employees (resident aids and resident aid manager) carry out their assigned duties. This will guaranteed that the department continues to improve and continue to provide the best quality of care to the patients.

Career Path

When asked what about his career path was, Agastein said it was to become a resident aid supervisor. Agastein began his career working as a combat medic in the Army National Guard. After a few years, he went to medical school to earn his bachelor degree in psychology. He began working shortly after his commissioning in the Army. After working in this position for 5 years, he began to shadow the resident manager learning the responsibilities of this position. A few months afterwards, he was promoted to resident manager. He knew that he wanted to go further so he began to learn the responsibilities as a resident aid supervisor. When the position was available he applied in hopes of getting the job. Because of his years of experience and acquired knowledge he was given the position. Although it can be overbearing at times, Agastein seems to love his job very much.

Educational Requirements

What are the educational requirements for the position? Agastein replied that there are some requirements for education where he had obtained a bachelor degree to get this position, which he did for psychology. While he was in medical school, he had to understand mental behaviors and theories relating to children and young teens. He had to deal with families suffering domestic violence and substance abuse. Also he had to working with people coming from socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. He needed to be able to withhold the knowledge of a resident supervisor, which got him in his current position today. Did your education adequately prepare you for your job?

When asked this question Agastein said that without a doubt that his formal education in medical school had prepared him for this job. Since he had worked his way up through the ranks, from enlisted to commissioned he had seen all the aspects of leadership and he was well prepared to be put into a supervisor position. What would you say is the most important attribute for success in this position?

Communication is the most important part of success in any position. Agastein said that from the janitor to the director if there is no communication everything will shut down and the business will not function. With his success in her current position he says that he has learned that throughout his entire career that communication was always what got his where he wanted to be. Another attribute that he attributes to his success is good old fashioned hard work. He says that he has always had to work hard and study a lot because good grades and success in education did not come as easy to him as it did for some of his colleagues. He had to study a lot and not sleep very much through medical school but he was able to pass in the top ten percent of his class. Hard work and dedication pays off well.


Ira Agastein a resident supervisor of Larkin Community Hospital, loves every aspect of his job and feels that he is right where he needs to be in his career path. He loves working with people and being able to make sure that they are all taken care of in a way that he says would make his grandfather
proud. As a 18 year service veteran as a combat medic, he looks forward to retiring from the Army in the near future but he says he probably will never leave the health care field. He has done a lot of things in his 18 year career with the army and done other things, he has spent a lot of time on his education and says that here time in medical school was all worth it. Health care is something that he love and is very good at there is nothing else he would like to do more.

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