Happiness: The Key To Life

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Happiness: the quality or state of being happy. One crucial standard for living is being able to be happy. Happiness can be found in an numerous amount of ways. It can be found by buying inanimate items that help us better our life or it can be found with communicating with someone.

Happiness is the way you live your life, the activities you participate in, the person you are in love with, being around your friends, and so much more, the lists never stops.

True happiness is being happy with the way you live your life and the contentment with how everything has work out for yourself.

Happiness It Is the Thing That Everyone Searches for and Desires

To truly reach full happiness you need to recognize that everything in your life if good and accept that you can be happy with individuals that help shape your life. Many people feel as if they are unable to live without many of their precious belongings but, some would be happy to give them up or throw them away.

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It is extremely difficult to look face to face to someone and find an acceptable answer to the question “ Can happiness be bought? ”.

Achieving happiness can be a very simple thing; for instance the life of a cat. Cats do not have many possessions / items yet they seem very happy and enjoy their lives. Cats have a reliable friend and are constantly loved by someone or another cat. They have everything to be happy so why shouldn’t they be? This can relate to humans because not many people have the same items or electronics as others yet they are happy with the simplest of things.

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As an example; homeless people receiving a meal on thanksgiving while others just think its another holiday, another family meal.

People feel or believe that they can buy happiness but, think about how long that one Martins 2 item keeps/ makes you happy. You spent all your money on a new outfit but, you realize you have no one to see it, do you still feel happy? Or would you feel better at a friends house and hanging out. Think about this: You bought a movie and watch it three times. First time your “ ROLF” rolling on the floor dieing of laughter, second time it funny and by the third time you done, sick of it. Or even when you buy a need game, you play a couple of time than something new, better, more expansive comes along.

You never get tried of the simplest things in life, that is true happiness. For instance, my grandma comes over my house and makes me her special hot chocolate because she thinks I’m too skinny. It warms your stomach and makes you feel like special and thankful for everything. You can have all the things in the world but, you will never be happy if you do not have anybody to share it with. If you have no one you feel you can trust of call your true friend buying items will not help fill that void in your life.“True friends can not be bought at any store and love is not sold in a bottle” but, it can happen and bring you so much happiness. These are things you can get with your heart, even people that are extremely poor or in debt find happiness in the people they love and friends that truly care for them. It is crazy what effect money has. If you can not get happiness with it than isn’t even worth all the money in the entire universe.

To be happy, many people need to come to the realization that everything that has occurred in the present or past happened for a logical reason and that’s it has happened in order to make you a better human being. It does not only make you a better person but make you see how well off you have it or can be able to have it. Even though certain events in life can be Martins 3 difficult at a certain moment, people need to realize that you can learn from your experiences and learn to take what is good out of it. In the end, certain situations will help many strive for happiness. Happiness is not free, you need to work and earn it to keep it. To exceed fully happiness people need to go through rough times and happy times as well. Many need to learn how to get the best out of their surroundings.

Many things in life go wrong or not how you expected it would turn out but, that does not mean you need to live in fear. You need to live your life to the fullest and be happy, have fun even if things do not always go as planned. People say the best kind of happiness you can feel is when you are in love with someone and you know that they love you back. Whether it is a relationship or just your friends, you care about them so much that you wish them the best in life and their own journeys. This is the purest form of happiness. When two individuals will do anything to make sure the other person is happy and you are as well, it is an unspoken agreement.

Happiness may come and go like seasons but, in the end, every moment you have that is filled with happiness will be well worth the unhappy and happy times that you have once endured. Think of those times as milestones in your life. Those little times of being happy or sad are bringing you to the bigger picture in your life. Remember that happiness is a gift that can be and should be shared with everyone. Sure buying things can make you feel amazing for a couple of days or even hours but, in the end you will find greater / true happiness in the little, simplest everyday things that life offers.

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Happiness: The Key To Life

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