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The best moments of my life don’t make it to social media
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Pages • 4
"The best moments of my life don't make it to social media."- Rosalynn Mejia. Judging people by their social media posting is not the right way to know them, this doesn't reflect who they are in real life, most people are just the opposite of what their social media postings reflect. Most of the time people judge someone by their looks, or because he or she is tall or short, black or white. In our age group, people use social…...
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The Happiest Moment of My Life
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Pages • 6
Running on the road with wind shouting in my ears, I enjoyed the happiest moment of my life. Like people praying and participating in spiritual practices, I find my spirituality which eases and relieves me. It is running helping me retrieving energy, and the memory with it has become the happiest in my life. I found myself chasing after gold medals most of my vigorous youth. I started competing in athletic games since elementary schools. That time, I was competing…...
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What Makes Me Happy?
Words • 298
Pages • 2
Happiness, for me – is when my heart feels warmness. Time goes by, I grow fast, changes come; therefore I might have different feelings that make me happy. Sometimes it is hard to see yourself from aside, but at the same time knows you better than yourself? I would like to talk about my family, my friends, my job, because they are all components of my happiness. Even the daily routine can cheer me up; at the moment everything is…...
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Things That Make Me Happy
Words • 345
Pages • 2
What kinds of things make me happy? I could probably write a book about this topic once I sit down and begin thinking about it. Happiness means something different to each individual. On Saturday morning, I love waking up and knowing that I don’t have to be at any particular place for any particular reason. I slowly open one eye and look at the clock. Hmmm….it’s six a.m. I stretch slowly, like a cat, smile, and roll over for a…...
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A Moment in Your Life in Which You Experienced an Epiphany
Words • 1034
Pages • 5
Some instances happen in life suddenly change the perception towards life and reality. I also experienced such an incident in my life that entirely changed my view and thinking towards US Natives. Then, I realized the difference between native and foreign and the importance of the native land. Fear, mentality, pressure and psychological impact can be seen easily on the face of foreigners like me. This incident happened when I was studying in graduation just after I finished my schooling…...
ChinaExperienceFeelingHappiest Moment In My LifeMindPerception
Life Changing Moment
Words • 965
Pages • 4
Each and everyone of us has a story to tell and share to others, life stories that may serve as an inspiration to other people. Every individual may have a life experience or a moment in his or her life that somehow greatly affects his or her whole life. We often share our own triumphs and travails, our victories and defeats, our happiness and despair that bring alterations to the present life situations. My story began as an ordinary boy…...
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A day of sorrow is longer than a month of joy
Words • 285
Pages • 2
This Chinese proverb renders (redă) in a synthetic way the fact that we perceive the time in a subjective way, according to the moods created by the reaction to the events that we go through. When we pass through unpleasant event of life, we feel weak, vulnerable, even hopeless and everything seems to go wrong in our life; so, time seems longer than it actually is. On the other hand, when we live happy moments , everything seems to go…...
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The Happiest Moment In My Life
Words • 720
Pages • 3
Last year I sat for my lower certificate of education examination. This was the first important hurdle that I had to cross in my academic career. Up to that time I had been automatically promoted from one standard or from to the next. My parents are not very rich. They could not afford to send me to a private tutor in the town, nor could they coach me, not being highly educated them. I had not taken studies seriously during…...
Happiest Moment In My Life
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What Makes Me Happy?
...That was all about my life's happiness in general. Indeed, my happy times are my student days! I really love to see sleepy faces of my friends every morning. I got used being near with them, I do think we are the little family. We all do the same thi...
A Moment in Your Life in Which You Experienced an Epiphany
...This was really bad experience of my life in USA and hope that it will not be repeated again in future. Other ethnic communities must also not treat like animals but should treat politely as they are humans too. I will say that, the experience was so...

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