Growing Problem of Cyber Bullying on Social Media

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Very few of the people know about cyberbullying on social media, it can happen with anyone at any place at any time. Bullying is defined as when someone abuse other and harass other in one or another way. But now cyberbullying take the place because of advent of technology and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, messages, Instagram and so on. Now a day’s many teens are using these site to make new friends and post everything about their self so that they can make more new friends.

Then these bullies take advantage of these teens and make fake profile and catcalling them. Bullying can be of many types like harassing, spreading rumors about someone, abusing, and bad comments and by trolling them on social networking site. Social media is such a big platform that we don’t understand who is bullying us and there is worldwide audience who is watching this. Cyberbullying is such a big problem that many teens become victim of that and unaware of this causes and effects.

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Anyone who trolls and comments on someone’s pictures and video is a bully. Sometimes they work in a group because they feel stronger. Social media plays huge role in cyberbullying because many teens use social media for entertainment and post what they want without knowing its harmful effects. There are many cases we can see that causes suicide of victim because of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying on social media is a threat now a days which took place just by social networking sites.

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Cyberbullying is an offence in which it harms without physical interaction through social media that just need planning without the threat of being caught. Lack of supervision on social media cause cyberbullying. Kids uses devices or social media become victim of cyberbullying whereas those who don’t they also. Those who bully kids that are not on social media by making videos and posting funny pictures of them or by trolling them. So in this way weather we use any social networking site or not we become victim of cyberbullying. There are hackers which hack peoples account and post bad stuff from there account and after that blackmail them. After this kids start doing what they want to protect themselves from being exposed in front of their families and friends. Its threat is not only in U.S and Canada but also all around the world. Everyone should secure their account so that no one can get access of it and use it to destroy your life. I want to research on that topic because I am influenced by the story concept of the T.V series of Netflix that is 13 reason why? In this show they show us how one picture can ruin the whole life of a student and how teachers and parents are unaware of the whole stuff going on in their kid’s life. In places like primary school and high schools these thing are often happen.

There are many statics which shows how kids are suffering from cyberbullying 20.1 percent of kids said that they are victims of cyberbullying by just over 7 percent school students had a web page created about them to troll them and make fun of them. Cyberbullying can be often occurs on Facebook, Instagram, twitter or through text messages. In August 2016, 16.9 percent of students of high and middle school reported being bullied at school. “Among adolescents, 36.7 percent of female respondents stated they’d be the victim of cyberbullying at some point in their lifetime, compared to 30.5 percent of boys” (Justin w. Patchin, nov 2016). 34 percent of students claimed to have been bullied online at least once in their lifetime.17 percent of students explained that they’d been bullied sometime within the past 30 days. Roughly 64 percent of students who claimed to have been cyberbullied explained that it negatively impacted both their feelings of safety and ability to learn at school. On the other hand, cyberbullying has caused many suicides in Canada and throughout the world. There are many cases to be seen in Canada where teens commit suicide because of bullying like case of Rahteh Parson and Amanda Todd. These teens are so disturbed by continues hatred by people on social media.

There are many preventative actions that school districts and parents can take in order to reduce cyberbullying, however, the difficult part is getting administrators on board and convincing them that cyberbullying is a real and growing problem. According to a study conducted in 2008, females are as likely, if not more likely to be involved in cyberbullying in their lifetime (Hinduja & Patchin, 2008). This is believed to be due to the nature of cyberbullying and the anonymity that the internet provides. According to Willard (2006) there are many ways that schools~ parents~ and students can help prevent cyberbullying and intervene when cyberbullying has occurred. Willard suggests steps that schools can take which contain elements of increasing awareness of cyberbullying concerns; empowering educators~ students, parents, and community members with knowledge of how to prevent and respond to cyberbullying; 22 and effective supervision and monitoring of online activities (Willard, 2006). In addition to Willard's proposed steps, there are many other programs available to schools and communities that have been found to prevent cyberbullying and intervene when it does happen. One such program is the Cybersmart! Cyberbullying Package which is free to schools nationwide and designed to be integrated into the existing curriculum by classroom teachers.

There is a need for more research to be completed in the scope of cyberbullying, including effectiveness of suggested prevention and intervention programs. Additionally, it is important to continue surveying the prevalence of cyberbullying. Developing and utilizing a student survey for middle and high school students about cyberbullying could assist in keeping track of the prevalence. Developing an internet-based survey which will be e-mailed to all incoming freshman to universities such as UW -Stout, and community colleges about their experiences with cyberbullying would be another viable option. Comparing the difference between the university students and the community college students may be beneficial as well. 23 Implications for Practice Implications for practice and working with those affected by cyberbullying include ensuring that students, administration, parents and community members are aware of and educated about cyberbullying. It is important that victims of cyberbullying know to make adults aware if they are cyberbullied, document emails, instant messages or text messages that they receive from a cyberbully and work with their parents and administrators to alleviate the bullying. Parents should be aware that monitoring their child's internet activity, placing the computer in a common room instead of in the child's bedroom, and talking with their child about cyberbullying may help reduce the occurrence of cyberbullying in their home. School districts should implement an anti-cyberbully program such as cybersmart! to increase awareness of cyberbullying, develop policies surrounding computer use and consequences for those that cyberbully. Schools may also implement drop boxes around the school in which students can anonymously report instances of cyberbullying that they have seen or been involved in.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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