Gracious in Defeat And Magnanimous in Victory: The Cr7 to Juventus Story

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Right from the medieval era, man has always been in competition with each other, be it for land or any other basic stuff. There is nothing wrong with some friendly competition; even plants do, it is when it turns vicious, thereby turning competitors into enemies, that you have to be careful. To overcome this problem, be gracious in defeat and magnanimous in victory. This was evident in the story behind Christiano Ronaldo's switch to Juvetus. The world of football was astonished with the rumor of Ronaldo going to join the Old Lady club, most didn't believe the deal will come through, but it did.

CR7 will wear the black and white strip of the Turin club in his next champions league match. But it didn't just happen, the script for what we later witness was written on the night of Juventus' destruction in the mans of CR7.

That night in Turin, Ronaldo had probably one of his best games on a Champions League night, scored two goals, the second one been an excellently executed overhead kick.

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After that goal, Ronaldo in is usual style was going for his trademark *right here, right now* celebration, but just as he was about doing that he saw the fans of the Juventus side applauding him for his goal and wonderful performance and in sheer appreciation, he simply took a bow to thank them. Little did the Turin fans knew that with that simple and noble gesture, they had won heart of arguably the best player to have graced the game.

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On that night Juventus lost, but with their act of graciousness, they won the heart of CR7. This was obviously one of the many reasons, if not the only reason Ronaldo decided to switch to the Old Lady when he finally called time on his illustrious Madrid career.

In life, there would be time competition will come, but while competing, we should always remember to be gracious when we not the one on the winning side, learn to congratulate the winner in a genuine manner, Abraham Lincoln also exhibited this trait shown by the Juventus side. Abraham Lincoln is no doubt one of US best President, but before he finally won the 1834 Presidential election, he was on a losing streak of eight elections, but that's not the best part. All the people he had contested against at those various times were instrumental in his 1834 victory. Why? You might ask, I'll tell you. During those times of losing, Lincoln would be the first to always call the eventual winners to congratulate them and before you start to think that it was just for publicity, he also would go to their victory parties and celebrate with them genuinely. He was gracious in his defeat. When he finally became President, he was also magnanimous, by offering his opponents seats in his cabinet.

Updated: Feb 16, 2024
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