The Dark Lord

The defeat of Yholl

With the defeat of Yholl and the power of Time being lost, the planes of motal existense erupted into choas. The Dark Lord Iekkob, his Ethereal Allies, and his Daemon servants corrupted the people and creatures throughout all the mortal planes.

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Armies brought together under his name and lead by his Daemon servants cut through the realms of good, destroying all that was not dark and evil. The Gods of Good had lost strongholds on all the planes but one, the Prime Material.

It was here where good outnumbered evil. The Humans, Elves, Dwarfes, and other civilised beings, all held nobility and honour above all.

They worshipped Gods who would keep the peace and provide for them. And thus it was here were the Gods of the Ethereal planes had decided to place their strongholds after the people of the other planes lost their beliefs. Rezarf himself however stayed on the Ethereal Plane, watching the carnage on the mortal planes. He saw his followers, the strongest and greatest in number of all followers, being slaughtered. He also saw the other Ethereal beings orgainising their followers on the Prime Material. Sirch, the God of the Justice and Honour, was gathering his followers in the City of Knights; Amme, the God of Love and Beauty, had followed him.

The Gods of Nature

The Gods of Nature, Silvanus, Raat, and Ezo, had sent their Druidic followers into hinding throughout the forests of the planes. Whilst the lesser Gods joined their follwers together to produce armies of huge proportions.

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What he did not see, however, was Iekkob and Rehcturc, the Orcish, Troillish, Goblinoid, and Demi Human, High God, marshalling the races of evil secretley. Iekkob had decided that the races of darkness on the Prime Material were strong and vast in number, enough so to be united and form a army of evil under his banner that would lay siege to the plane.

The Dark Elvish People

The Drow, the Dark Elvish People, had being chosen to lead this great assault on the Prime Material and were being rallied by their evil God Xela. And the Gods of Death (Ydrof), Assaisans and Thiefery, Murder (Iemaj), Pain (Odracir), Lies (Elags), the Undead (Ycul), and Greed (Kamij), had all gathered their followers to the cause of Iekkob. Finally, on the 23rd of Enuj, the forces of evil gathered. Their number had swollen to 5 million on Dimrallen, the largest continent on the Prime Material. And it was here that Iekkob stood before his mortal troops and addressed them. ” My great forces of evil, you are my pride and joy.

But you are still leaderless. By my command the Drow as a race shall lead you, but you need a leader. A mortal of great strength and will, of great evil and power, and so I leave command of my armies of destruction with the Drowish King Priddle. You shall lead my forces as they sweep across Dimrallen and the Prime Material. You alone will be in charge, you alone will suffer if you fail. Go now and reep Havoc! ” And the armies of Dark did, under Priddle the followers of the Ethereal Beings of Good fell in great numbers. The Gods themselves foought alongside their followers, but none could stop Priddle.

The Prime Material

His great sword spilt the blood of thousands, and the Prime Material to fell into choas. The great forests of Hudia and Sudenlessar were burned down, the walls of the capital cities of Kandel, Telandor, and Avor were breached and the cities pillaged, and the Host Tower of the Arcane was defeated and its mages slaughtered. Only the City of Knights was able to hold out against the oncoming dark, even Rezarf’s towered city of Gloril fell as did his avatar form during the battle… leaving him banished to his Ethereal Palace. And it was here where Rezarf called a grand council of the Gods of Good.

They all gathered with some urgency into Rezarfs great palace on the Ethereal Plane. Their number had not been affected by the choas on the mortal planes, only Yholl had fallen during these dark times, and thus the palace was full of the Avatars of Good. ” Please, join me and take a seat in the council chamber, my friends. ” said Rezarf, he was dressed in shining robes of Gold and White. And a great sword hung at his side, decorated with glowing ancient blue runes. And so they sat. Rezarf at one end and Sirch his supposed equal at the other, with the lesser gods sat apropetely.

Amme, Silvanus, Raat, Ezo, Elechim (the God of Athletic Prowess), Yadand (the God of Mortal Strength), Yug (the Academic Deity), and Yamelleb (the God of Bards) sat closest to Rezarf and Sirch. ” We all now why we are here Rezarf. What we do not know is what we can do to solve it ! ” shouted an iritated Receneps (the God of Joviality), after the council had been in session for almost an hour. ” Yes, I agree ! What are we to do Refazrf…… my muses can only give bards insparations for tales of woe and defeat. What are we to do ! ” ” All our forests have been burned down!

I was once known as mother nature, but whats left of my followers abandon me for better protection ! ” Sirch stared down the table at Rezarf, as if waiting for him to speak. But Rezarf did speak, he did not move. He just sat there staring back down the tabel at Sirch, apparently in deep thought. Finally as if bored of waiting for Rezarf, Sirch stood up and addressed the bickering Gods. ” You all know what must be done. ” he spoke calmy, slowly, as if very sure of himself. ” We must assemble our armies of Solars and Angels and set them upon the mortal planes to do battle. ” ” Your Crazy Sirch ! ” ” Your a fool ”

The shouting continued

The shouting continued, Sirch remained standing arguing his point. Soon the noise of the arguing Gods became to much and interupted Rezarf thoughts. ” Quiet !!!! ” his voice boomed throughout the palace. The other gods, including Sirch, returned to their seats and fell silent. For the next few minutes an air of anticipation filled the room, the other Ethereal Beings waited upon the Rezarf. Finally he stood and spoke. ” We must address this logically… ” he paused as if waiting to be interupted. ” The Dark Lord Iekkob for some reason wants control of the mortal planes, why? ” ” Because hes power mad. ” stated Yug rather flatly

” No that is not it ” Rezarf continued ” He despises the mortals, he believes (quite rightly) that he is beyond them. Despite being one of the most powerful beings of our kind he does not wish followers…. no the reason is something other than power… but what? ” He sat down again. Clearly contemplating, but in a worried way. Discussion and arguement broke out again. Sirch was trying to asemble supporters towards his plan to use the Ethereal Solar forces, Ezo and Raat were trying to find safe haven for their remaining followers, and Eol (the God of Wisdom) was conferencing Yug and Elechim. ” By the nine hells!!!!!!!!! ”

Rezarf lept to his feet drawing his glittering sword. His cry had echoed throughout the palace, and once again turned the other Gods towards silence. ” Quickly we must e.. ” he began But before he could finish a a figure appeared before them, dressed in robes of scarlet red, carrying a staff of fire. The Gods stood staring, fear encrouched upon their faces slowly etching away the suprise. Some backed away, others drew weapons from their sides, and others dived for cover under the great oaken council table. ” Iekkob ! ” Rezarf was the only one of the Ethereal beings not turned to fear, he stood facing the Dark Lord sword drawn.

” Yes it is I, my dear friend Rezarf. I see you have pondered my plan to completion. What do you think of it? ” at finishing he let out the same shrill laugh, but this time it simply faded without effect… the Ethereal beings were not affected. ” I take it we cant leave Iekkob…. no….. your Priddle made sure of that by killing our Avatars, very clever. ” ” What is going on ! ” demanded Sirch Iekkob glared at him for a moment, then shaking his head began to explain. ” God your slow, the lot of you. No wonder you rely on Rezarf for protection. We… ” ” Silence you evil fiend. My powers are equal to those of Rezaaaaaaaaaa….. ”

Thud With a swift movement of his hand Iekkob had thrown Sirch across the room and into the heavy stone wall. He lay their seemingly unconsious, but twitching slightly, his glorious golden cloak drapped unevenly around his battered body. ” As I was saying, ” Iekkob resumed calmly ” We all know that Ethereal beings can only be killed on the Ethereal Plane… Yes? ” He looked round, and everybody nodded. ” Yes, but what does… oh I see… Oh my word ! ” exclaimed Amme ” Yes it means your all going to die, and your powers will be switched to me and my loyal followers ! The Gates of Hell will soon open, your ancient seals are broken.

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