Gopro Hero 7 a Marketing Strategy

As an adventurer or extreme sports participants you want to capture your adrenaline rushes. A GoPro camera gives the potential customer this possibility. The GoPro cameras are small devices that are able to record action in every situation. The camera is easy usable and tough, it resists water and other extreme circumstances. Despite the small size, and big protection case of the camera the GoPro still captures videos in a very high quality. GoPro is named the best action camera by multiple sources.

A GoPro Hero 7 edition has features that no other action cameras have (Carter 2018) (Hall 2018). The superiority of GoPro is also shown with market statistics. Of all users of action cameras almost 85% owns or owned a GoPro action camera (Statista 2018). The overall market for GoPro action cameras is the imaging devices market. Nowadays, the sales in the imaging devices market are decreasing every year. The decrease is caused by the developed quality of mobile phone cameras. However, GoPro action cameras are also part of the smaller wearable camera segment.

This segment is still growing and the estimate worth of the segment will increase over the years (PR Newswire 2017).

Over the years GoPro has mastered the skill of social media marketing, and with its marketing strategy, it has created a strong brand for the small, high-quality video camera. A GoPro camera is made to record videos in every situation of life. The product has a long durability and the videos are high quality (Landau 2014). GoPro developed a strong connection with its users, and the content they made.

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The engagement of users by social media developed a sustainable competitive advantage and strong brand for GoPro. Users can upload their high quality material online, mentioning GoPro and potential customers can experience the quality of the GoPro for themselves. Next to creating a strong brand name, this social media usage also gives GoPro free promotion for its cameras. GoPro understood the importance of this user and company relation, and the importance of social media nowadays. GoPro invested more in its users and the content they made, and made the content and specific relationships with users its competitive advantage.

GoPros can be used in every situation of life, but customers especially use them while participating in extreme sports or other adventurers. This group of extreme sport participants and adventurers is the target market for GoPro cameras. This target audience mainly has the age of a young adult, and is spread out around the world (Silva 2015). However, more and more people want to record emotional moments as well. Because of the small size of the camera, it is easy to carry the GoPro around. This allows users to use the camera also in daily lives. With some minor changes to the product the demand for capturing daily lives creates an opportunity for GoPro. GoPro could start to target the market for people who want to record memories (Landau 2014). However, while making use of opportunities GoPro also has to pay attention to threats. In GoPro’s market segment, a threat are other companies that offer action cameras less expensive.

Project Topic

This marketing project will be specifically focused on the GoPro Hero 7 Black 4K edition. The Hero 7 differs on two major aspects compared to previous editions. The Hero 7 edition contains the function for in-camera stabilization and the ability to livestream your video, which was not possible with other editions of the GoPro. This Hero 7 edition is part of the electronics and video camera market (Passport 2018). However, this market is very general and big. To target the GoPro Hero 7 more specifically the market needs to be divided in multiple segments. The segment GoPro focusses on is the segments of users that use the camera for extreme sports and adventures. These users are focused on the durability of the camera, how well the camera can resist extreme situations, and the quality of the videos.

GoPro developed a strong brand during the past years. When users see the GoPro logo or name, they expect to see something spectacular or exciting (Hong 2015). These expectations are created by GoPro’s distinct use of social media. GoPro makes use of a special marketing team that searches the internet for impactful content shared by users to use it for GoPro’s marketing. Because pictures are processed faster by the brain and every has access to social media nowadays, short compelling online clips are very successful in marketing (Cooke 2014). This engagement and association with the brand GoPro Hero series gives the company GoPro an advantage over competition with less recognition.

Marketing Mix


To convince participants of extreme sports and adventurers, male and female, age 18 to 35, who are looking for a camera to capture their experiences, that a GoPro Hero 7 black 4K camera provides great capturing quality for the price charged on the Hero 7 and the new and unique features it contains.


To convince GoPro’s target market that the GoPro Hero 7 is the best action camera on the market. The GoPro Hero 7 is usable in every situation and records high quality videos with in-camera stabilization. The GoPro video can be easily shared online both as livestream, or as edited professional video afterwards. The GoPro Hero 7 can be taken everywhere, thanks to its small size and light weight. While participating in extreme sports the GoPro Hero 7 action camera will be able to capture the users adrenaline rush, because the camera is easy to attach to the body or other equipment. The GoPro Hero 7 puts you in the drivers seat of the athlete or adventurer (Cooke 2014).


To develop connections with users by showing content that engages and excites users and potential users. This engagement and excitement also creates a better brand image for GoPro.


To offer the GoPro Hero 7 Black 4K edition to consumers in a broad array of retailers such as electronic stores, but also better known and more visited retailers such as Target and Walmart. By offering the GoPro Hero 7 edition in these retail stores, consumers have easy access to the product and will get more familiar with it. Because a big part of GoPro’s marketing is taking place online, GoPro has to make sure to make its products also easily accessible online. This should be done by adding links from advertising videos to a purchasing page.

GoPro needs a clear marketing mix because GoPro has some big competitors. Some of GoPro’s biggest competition are brands like Sony, TomTom, and Olympus (Carter 2018). These companies mostly sell the same small action cameras, but for a lower price. GoPro’s competition does not always achieve the quality that GoPro does. Most other action cameras have some comparable characteristics with GoPro, but they never have all the characteristics combined that the GoPro Hero 7 has. GoPro was the first company to sell serious action cameras, this gave them a competitive advantage, but to stay ahead of the game it has to keep developing its products.

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