God The Creator of Man and the Universe

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Consider that the universe is some sort of toy or form of entertainment for some prime mover, his point, his own entertainment, would be then why the universe exists. The Bible claims that the Christian deity created the universe and placed humans in it that they might be in awe of his power. If this is so, why is worship the correct response? The meaning of the universe as created by God is the entertainment of God, but what is the meaning of the larger system containing God and his creations? We could conceive of another primer mover, but that brings us back to the beginning.

The Bible flat out tells you that God created humans so that they would be in awe of him, which amounts to saying God created us to inflate his ego. We are to God as our pets are to ourselves, sources of unconditional love. As in the famous story of Footprints in the Sand, God says that it was in his time of need that he carried him.

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Exactly how we treat our pets!

Perhaps God is also after the answer to the question, why does the universe exist? Imagine a being so powerful as to be able to create and mold the universe, who, like Roman and Greek gods, is only marginally more intelligent than his creations. Perhaps, then God, in all his ridiculous power, cannot change himself. In order to find out why the universe exists he creates the human race so that we might evolve to intelligence greater than his own, in much the same way that a computer programmer wishes to create true artificial intelligence, an intelligence greater than his own.

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The answer to that question is very odd, because there is no true answer and "god only knows" when the human race will come up with this ridiculous answer. Will everyone believe it? We humans have different beliefs and values, which we all believe in. Growing up we are expected to respect the values and beliefs of others. There are Christians, Buddhists, Scientologists, etc., each with their own belief of why we exist. Will we ever agree as a whole?

Updated: Feb 06, 2022
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