God Is The Wonderful Creator Theology Religion

God is the wonderful creator of the universe. He is all-knowing and all-seeing. Nothing escapes His notice. God is a special and intimate god who cares for and loves every single speck of creation He has created. God is the ruler of everything. He has complete and total authority over the universe. He has always existed and always will, and is so wonderful that He is best described by the word “indescribable.” God is good and God is just. He is holy and awe-inspiring.

God is unmatched in His glory, supreme above everything. God is infinite, being all places and seeing and knowing all things at once. God is the trinity, existing in wholly and completely in three separate beings (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) while still existing entirely as One. God is perfect. And most importantly, God is loving. He loves us and all of creation more than we can possibly know or even imagine. He loves us so much that He sent His holy and perfect Son to Earth to die on the cross so that our terrible and horrific sins could be forgiven.

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God is so many wonderful things that it is hard to even begin to scratch the surface of describing who God is.

What is nature?

Nature is the beautiful creation of God. It was created in the beginning by God out of nothing. Before God created the universe, nothing existed except Him. It was created intentionally, not randomly. God created the universe with a plan and a purpose.

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God created the world to be good. However, because of the Fall, it is ultimately bad. Although it displays and declares the glory of God, nature’s ultimate wickedness can also display how evil and corrupt the world is and how much we need His saving grace. God created nature and created man to have power over nature. God gave us this world to take care of and use wisely. God cares about creation and made it beautiful not just for the human inhabitants, but also for Himself. He loves the world He made and hates that it is corrupted by sin.

What is man?

Man was created in the image and likeness of God as the pinnacle of His creation. In this, each human possesses a distinct disposition, intellect, creativity, and choice and free will in all capacities. We can choose whether we follow God and accept Him as our Lord and Savior. We have the ability to choose in every other aspect of life as well. Ultimately, we can choose to follow God’s will, or ignore it and do our own thing. God leaves the choice up to us. However, we are fallen and sinful. But we are also loved-loved so much that God sent His Son to die for our sins. In this, we have the responsibility to serve God. Being God’s servant means doing good works in His name, preaching the Gospel, and bringing others to Him. And most importantly, we are to love God in return.

What happens at death?

When we die, we leave this world and go to Heaven, to be in the presence of God forever. Heaven is the most glorious and wonderful place ever. It is so incredible that it is impossible to even begin to imagine how wonderful it is. In Heaven, Jesus has prepared a special place for each and every one of us and is anxiously awaiting the day that we come to be with Him. If we choose not to accept God and live in sin, rejecting all He has done for us, we spend eternity in Hell. Ultimately the choice is simple: choose God, admit that you are sinner and need Him and accept Him as your Lord and Savior and spend eternity with Him in paradise, or reject Him and spend eternity in Hell.

What is the basis of human knowledge?

Ultimately, God is the basis of human knowledge. God has revealed knowledge to humans since the very beginning, through both general and specific revelation about Himself, and other things as well. Knowledge about God is the most valuable kind of knowledge because human knowledge is ultimately corrupted because of the Fall. God has infinite knowledge, and even when He chooses to reveal something to us it can become corrupted by sin. Human knowledge is also very limited. In reality, we know practically nothing. But what we do know comes from God, who allows us to know and discover things. God is the ultimate source of knowledge, both human and divine, and we should look to him and seek knowledge from Him.

What is the basis of ethics?

God is also ultimately the basis of ethics. We can learn about what is acceptable through the laws in the Bible that were set by God. In addition to this, every human being has a built-in sort of moral compass that guides us in knowing what is good and what is bad. However, we have to listen to this guide and not ignore it in order to be moral. All of these guides of morality and ethics are found in who God is and in His goodness, holiness, justness, and love. Ultimately, God is the measure of morality. I think the best thing to do when faced with a challenging moral decision, is to ask ourselves, “Would what I am doing please God?” And if we find ourselves answering “no” to this, then we should not do it anymore. It is, in some ways, a “What would Jesus do?” kind of question. In asking this cliché but still important question, we can analyze if our actions are a reflection of Christ and pleasing to God. And in this, morality and ethics can be found.

What is the meaning of human history?

Human history is the evidence of God’s role in the world. From the very beginning, God has had plan and this is often evident in the study of human history. Everything is a part of God’s plan, and no matter what happens, God can make good happen from it. God has a specific purpose and goal for us and has things happen to us to get us to the place He wants us to be. Thing happen so that God can teach us a lesson and so that we can learn something about Him. Ultimately, human history shows us how God has taught us things in the past. We have to take what has happened in the past and learn from it, not only from our own past, but from the history of human existence as well. We can always learn something by studying history. History does not happen over and over again in a circle, but rather is unique and has an end and purpose. However, I think that some things in history can “repeat” if we forget the lessons God has taught us in the past. If we do not study history and learn of past events and what God taught His people through them, then He will have to reteach us the lesson, which can occur in very similar events. Ultimately history is a demonstration of God’s plan being carried out in this world.

Updated: Jun 05, 2020
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