God Creating the World

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One day

Far, far into the past

A day unlike no other

A day that will start the creation of all

One day,

Having feelings of boredom,

God stood from his threatning towering throne

To give his eye on his kingdom.

While strolling through the universe,

God overcame a thick fog of sadness

And was drowning in a sea of melancholy

I’m lonely he said


He came across a bare, empty area,

Covered in a sky of darkness

Blacker than midnight itself

In his vast, colossal empire.

The darkness had a lingering smell of death

And felt worse

Than hell itself

That it left God with sour taste in his mouth.

An idea erupted in his head

I’ll make life here he said,

Full of unbearing enthusiasm.

So, God,

With joy and happiness radiated from his face,

Set out to build a world.

With his hands of creation,

Generated energy until

He a large ball of light.

God took the light in his hands

And setting it in the middle of the darkness,

Cursing the darkness

And the evil it lingered.

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And God said I’ll call this the sun

The darkness,

Still craving for dominance,

was still fighting back

Against the light.


God created another ball of light

Smaller than the previous one,

Banged it across the darkness,

Provoking it to burst

And making shooting stars

Dance across the blackness

That is space.

It made the darkness

Weak and vulnerable,

Until the dark finally submitted

To the light

And caused the canvas of the night

To be filled with stars.

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Next God,

With his oozing power dripping from him

Made a world

Where life can be made.

He set it a perfect distance

From his blazing sun

So that it wouldn’t burn

Nor shiver from the

Lingering coldness that the

Darkness left.

God saw that his world was a bit lonely

So he added other celestial bodies,

Two on the front of the sun

And five in the back and

Even added a mood on the side

To keep his world company.

God came back to his world

And noticed that his world was

Scorching and desolate.

So God kneeled down

So that he was face to face with the world

And spat down the world

Causing the deep blue ocean

To form and cool the earth

God took his two of his massive fingers

And gave the earth a little shake

Triggering the land to surface,

The ocean to find its place

And mountains to form.

Finally God clapped his hands,

Tears escaping from his eyes,

Causing a storm to precipitate


Grass vegetated every corner of the land,

Flowers of all colors bloomed,

Trees spread their branches out to greet and hug the sky,

Lakes filled the barren earth

To keep the world serene

And the rivers cried down across the earth.

Raindrops shining as the sunlight catches them,

Forming a rainbow.

Then God waves his hand

Over the land

To create animals of all types.

Sea-duelers living in the ocean,

To reptiles lurking in the desert,

To four legged creatures running across the forests and savannas,

To birds flying freely,

Making all animals exist

And roam in the corners of the world.

God looked at his world with a satisfying smirk

But noticed it was still missing something.

God thought and thought

I need a man he said

So the great almighty God

Brought his hands together

And made a man

Lying on top of a hill

Then he blew the breath of life

And the man flourished to life.

God watched the man walk around the earth

And noticed that the man was lonely.

So God created a women

To keep the man company.

The man and the woman procreate,

Entity starts to thrive and grow,

Until the world that god created is

Populated with people

That have advanced civilization,

full of life,

And everyone is happy.

Sheer delight split God’s face from ear to ear.


Over time,

God starts to notice that his once beautiful world

Is not the same as it used to be

And has been defiled by

Corruption and evil.

God sees problems in his world:

Tension and conflict arise,

Lack of equality,


Lack of safety and security,

People doing things that

They are not supposed to do:





God sees the world being divided

Between light and dark,

Between love and hatred,

Between good and evil.

God tries his best to help his world recover

By making miracles and purifying his world,

But his efforts are in vain

As his world is far from saving.

The shower of melancholy

Comes back

As God realizes

That there is only one thing he can do

To make up for his mistake.

God takes his almighty hand

And swaps it across the universe he created,

Bring destruction and

Eliminating the planets,

Moons and stars,

Except his world,

Into oblivion and out of existence

Finally he bends down to his world

Takes his two fingers

And crushes the world

Like a bug

Goodbye God said.

The sun,

The eternal candle of life,

Gives out and

Complies to the darkness.

Amen. Amen.

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God Creating the World
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