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Global Warming: Hoax or Fact

Global Warming: Hoax or fact? ‘The world will end in 12 years’ (Ocasio-Cortez, 2019). ‘The entire North polar ice cap may well be completely gone in 5 years’ (Gore, 2008). These are just a few statements that can be heard in numerous articles and videos online nowadays. They claim to be prophesizing a gruesome end for humanity due to the excess amount of greenhouse gases we release into the atmosphere, consequently giving rise to the phenomenon known as ‘Global Warming’. However, are these statements fact, or fiction? I believe the entire concept of ‘Global Warming’ is a scam.

I am confident that it is a hoax formulated by a group of individuals in order to frighten the public, in hopes of furthering their narratives.

In this essay, I will explain why I harbour such beliefs. Firstly, climate models have been proven untrustworthy. There are flaws in the climate model calculations used to predict the effects of Global warming. In these computer models, the assumption is made that the main climate driver is Carbon Dioxide and that the Sun’s effect on the climate is minimal.

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These computer models can be programmed with numerous variables in order to conclude that the Earth’s temperature will increase or decrease. A computer model is not an appropriate way to measure climate change, because it depends on the person who inputs the data for the model. The Sun plays a significant role in the climate of the Earth. It is constant bursts of radiation that are entirely random and have no typical pattern.

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The computer models do not give an accurate representation of the actual climate because they fail to take the Sun’s significance into account.

They must therefore not be used as a base for such claims. Consequently, this renders all the long-term predictions being made meaningless. Instead, many scientists even argue that any increase in global temperatures could be a natural climate shift. Also, based on the ‘HadCRUT3’ (Brohan, Kennedy, Harris, Tett, & Jones, 2008), the surface temperature index, which is based in the UK, records show a temperature increase leading up to 1878, a decrease in temperature leading up to 1911, an increase 1941, a decrease 1964, another increase to 1998 and one last decrease leading up to 2011. A similar rise in temperature was observed between the year 1964 and the years leading up to 1941. Since 2001 Numerous satellites, ground stations, and weather balloons have recorded a decrease in temperature. The current alerts of a temperature increase of 0.6 degrees to 0.8 degrees are not abnormal. They are a part of the natural rate of temperature increase recorded over the last few centuries. There has not yet been any event that causes an extreme change in global temperatures. Furthermore, Arctic Ice has increased by 50% Since 2012. Since 2012 core measures of the Arctic ice show that it has increased in volume. This argues against global warming, causing ice caps to melt. New data from NASA satellite instruments have uncovered that the Earth’s polar ice caps haven’t receded in any way since the satellite instruments began recording data on the ice caps in 1979. There has been no increase in the temperature at the poles since 2005. In fact, apart from the Palmer Peninsula, the entire Antarctic region’s temperature is decreasing. The thickness of ice caps in the arctic and north poles are growing in size and will proceed to do so until things warm up naturally.

Granted, some might say that there has been a rise in the Earth’s average temperature as well as Global temperatures during the past century and a half. Unfortunately, the truth is that there have been no significant and prolonged temperature changes since 1997. The rise in the temperature started from 1975, continued till 1997, and the temperature has been the same since then, which means that there has been no significant change in temperature for the last 22 years. To conclude, the claim that Global warming is the cause of extreme weather and natural disasters is false. These claims are entirely baseless. No concrete evidence exists proving that weather is being affected by global warming on a global scale. Regional variations do occur. Extreme weather can be affected by many variables. Jet stream can affect the weather for many seasons in various European countries. Even sand displaced from the Sahara Desert can alter the climate of individual European nations, but, Global warming plays no part in these weather systems argue that global warming will cause droughts across the world. However, if global warming happens the way we are being led to believe, there should be an increase in the moisture in the air around us since water evaporates due to high temperatures. It is therefore very likely that Global Warming is a hoax. This is because there is not enough real and consistent evidence to make the claims being put out regarding Global Warming.

It almost feels as an agenda is being pushed by any means necessary in order to trick the public since there is even actual evidence against the claims that Global Warming is real such as, the unreliability of climate models, the increase in arctic ice volume, and the lack of significant temperature change since 1997. Despite these facts opposing its existence, the aggressiveness used in pushing the ‘Global Warming’ narrative only seems to increase, leaving an ever-increasing a trail of deceived individuals in its wake.

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