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To talk about the future of nursing in a basic sense implies to propose a tentative scientific prediction of the development of a profession and, as such, it requires the use of scientific means and premises belonging to one or more sciences, in order to achieve grounded generalizations and verifiable

To fulfill the new tasks, nursing, as a profession, will have to coordinate and integrate its actions with other professions, not only from the health sector but also from the economic, social and educational sectors.

Only in this way will it be possible for nursing to be positioned as the axis of updating the health system and between it and the community.

The consideration of health as a right and as a good for which man is responsible, has implications for the future of nursing, especially when establishing relations with the community, with the family and the individual. The tendency to develop paternalistic activities on the part of health professionals, and to assume dependent and conformist attitudes on the part of the community, will be changed by the tendency towards the exercise of a mutual responsibility and consciously shared in the face of health problems.

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Consequently, it will be for nursing to promote in the health systems the efforts to develop mechanisms and promote actions of real participation of the community in health care.

Oriented the services with this concept, the infirmary and the other professions that work in the field of health are called to focus their actions to attend to the health in an integral way, and in an extension that will exceed the limits of their exercise, to recognize – Close the contest of occupational groups that belong to other social sectors.

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The application of these concepts will require important changes in the teaching and practice of nursing, which could be based on the following premises:

It will try to achieve more than a simple modification of the didactic methods, and reach the theoretical-methodological explanation of the pedagogy as science. Fundamental changes in the conception of the process will be required educational programs that favor the elaboration of curricula and curricula consistent with the reality and future needs of the country. A study plan centered on the community and health services will be established and the coherent relationship between the process established of health-disease and economic-social and environmental conditions.

A nursing practice with greater emphasis on primary and non-secondary prevention will be defined; in collective prevention and not in individual; in polyvalent prevention rather than specific, and that is focused on the attention to the healthy family in their social and community life, and then go on to sickness, disability and social dysfunction, finally attending to treatment, healing and rehabilitation.

It will be advocated by a structure of health services that exceeds the sum of the current organisms and their environment, which allows the integration of the healthy and sick man, the community and the health services.

It will try to overcome the separation between science and professional practice, by organizing a study plan that leads students to participate early in research activities that favor the improvement of the educational process of professional practice and social practice.

A continuous training process will be established through the study and participation in the scientific search in the therapeutic, epidemiological and social fields. Naturally, this proposition is incompatible with a con-individualistic conception of the profession.

If the proposed premises are put into practice, the nursing education provided in the schools would be related to the current and foreseeable health needs of the community. Nursing staff, like other health workers, will be trained to better understand problems, make judgments, make a decision, and continue learning throughout their lives and will then be able to provide a better service to society, both when leave the classroom about 30 years later.

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Future Of Nursing Like Profession

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