From the very beginning I was fascinated towards social work

From the very beginning I was fascinated towards social work, actually, my source of inspiration was my father, he is an AE at the municipal corporation but apart from this, he calls a public hearing (jansunwai) sessions on Sundays at our place. This hearing is totally unofficial just for resolving the problems of local residents through his networks and goodwill. So serving others is from the very beginning. So, when I entered the college I started working in various clubs inside the college and with 1 NGO (dishanjali).

Amongst all the clubs I enjoyed working in NSS unit as it covers the social work in every domain like awareness programs on various issues, blood donation camp plantation program, educating in various slums, awareness on digital transactions., etc. After serving as a volunteer in NSS unit I was appointed as a unit captain then I served as a leader, planner and a motivational speaker for the unit members. The major challenge was to draw volunteers to NSS unit and to get appropriate fund from the college administration.

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I did this by apprising them about the motive of Nss ( "personality development with the help of social work"). This was a tough task to draw my Juniors and batch mates from other glamorous clubs to social work. this experience enhanced my public speaking and convincing skills. And I realized that every individual has to contribute to social work as we are the part of society. And illiteracy is the major cause of almost every social problem in India.

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and eventually, I realized that these problems cannot be eradicated just by working individually or working with small NGOs, its need a skill full team with strong intend of patriotism and passion to society to make a change of scale.

I liked to work for vision India foundation as it goes one step beyond my perspective and experiences that it focuses on change and strongly intend to contribute in nation building. I want to work as a part of a think tank in public policy to understand the hurdle faced during the framing of any of these policies varying from health, energy, to the harmful effect of technology (microwave radiation of mobile phones, etc) and the impact it can have on society as a whole. and contribute in nation-building movement.

I choose community development as it deals with awareness camping for healthy environment for the community, and try to troubleshoot their problem. this falls into my domain of skills and past experiences that are imparting effective awareness with my analytical skills. I am keenly interested in knowing policymaking in community development and education sector so that I can be aware of them and also create awareness in the community in future I want to work as a policy maker for some retarded organization or for gov. for issues related to modern development.

to study a real-time problem, understanding various issues from various aspects from a different perspective so will get an opportunity to interact with people from a different dimension and people from a different platform, they all come together and well share a common platform at a single issue and it is a great opportunity for me.

I want to be a part member of this fellowship as I believe in doing something good, instead of just chasing materialist world, sense of satisfaction of having led a meaningful life is my best motivation.

Thanking you

Updated: May 19, 2021
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