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Shirley Valentine
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The play Shirley Valentine was set in the 80's. The main character is a woman named Shirley Valentine. She is a housewife that lives in Liverpool. She gets married; this marriage turns bad over the years. Shirley seeks a better life and goes to Greece. She has an affair and Joe comes over to speak to Shirley. My scene is at the end of the play. It is set by the sea, outside Costas's taverna. My extra scene is about…...
Willy Russell
Shirley Valentine – a lower class alteration of Thatcher
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Shirley Valentine revolves primarily around the working class population in Liverpool in the early 80's. The family environment which is introduced in the first scene is consistent through out the play. We can lucidly see that Shirley is repressed by the social back ground she comes from, it is not vitally her husband, but the social beliefs that they are both surrounded by which mean that they are both entrapped in a routine which entirely removes all the pleasure that…...
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The play ‘Shirley Valentine’
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Pages • 10
The play, 'Shirley Valentine', written by Willy Russell tells the story of Shirley Valentine's life, showing her character transformation from Shirley Bradshaw to Shirley Valentine, it is a play about a stifled middle-aged woman who finds relief abroad from her tedious, routine lifestyle in Liverpool. The dramatic techniques used by Will Russell in the play help the audience comprehend the importance of Shirley's transformation. In this circumstance, it's Shirley Valentine and her life. Other dramatic devices used are, voice over,…...
LovePlayWilly Russell
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‘Educating Rita’ Play by Willy Russell
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Educating Rita is a drama which was first published as a play in 1983, written by Willy Russell; subsequently, it was made into a film which quickly became a box-office hit. The play consists of a particular theme (education) and it explores the processes that inflict change upon the main character Rita. The content of the storyline was considered to be quite controversial and diverse for it’s time in that particular society. The Conservative party was presently in power and…...
MotivationPlayWilly Russell
The Play ‘Educating Rita’ by Willy Russell
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Pages • 13
Liverpool, in the 1980's was hit by a financial low point; with high rates of unemployment and thousands fleeing the city for better job and life prospects elsewhere. This coupled with rising tuition fees for universities, made it harder for people in the city to try and better themselves, especially the younger generation. Open universities as opposed to the traditional redbrick's, offered a cheap course - that you could study in your free time, mostly from home but still get…...
FrankensteinPlayWilly Russell
Compare how Willy Russell portrays the two mothers in “Blood Brothers”
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Pages • 4
In Willy Russell's musical "Blood Brothers" he uses contrasting character to portray his ideas on socially disadvantaged people during the 1980s. He champions the poor; he sets his musical in Liverpool where the divide is obvious. By looking at the two mothers, Mrs Lyons and Mrs Johnston the divide, socially clear. The audience first come across Mrs Johnston when she enters the stage with her back to the audience sweeping and singing. The audience's first impression of Mrs Johnson conforms…...
Blood BrothersWilly Russell
Blood Brothers by Willy Russell
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Pages • 5
The musical play Blood Brothers, written by Willy Russell, is the story of twins separated at birth. Mrs Johnstone, a working-class Liverpudlian mother of seven children, agrees to give one of the twins she is expecting to her wealthy but barren employer, Mrs Lyons. The infant kept, Mickey Johnstone, grows up in poverty while his twin, Eddie Lyons, enters a privileged life. Bound by fear of discovery, and superstition that should either of the boys learn he has a twin,…...
Blood BrothersSurrogacyWilly Russell
A Major Theme in ‘Our Day Out’
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A major theme in ‘Our Day Out’ is the lack of education and opportunity for young people in the inner city. Using scenes from the play, show how Willy Russell makes the audience aware of this theme The lack of education and opportunity affects young people in inner cities like Liverpool, these young people have never been given the chance to have a good education, and therefore they were just stuck in a states school, where there aren’t many people…...
Willy Russell
Differences Between Eddie and Mickey in Blood Brothers
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Pages • 12
“Blood Brothers” is a play about two twins who are separated at birth, they do not only have different parents but have a whole different lifestyle. Eddie lives in a world of luxury and has opportunities to go to university and eventually owning his own business which is more than Mickey could have ever dreamed of. On the other hand Mickey is brought up in a working class family with no qualifications whatsoever, as soon as Mickey thinks he has…...
Blood BrothersWilly Russell
Blood Brothers: Act One on Social Class
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Pages • 7
Look again at the extract on page 24 starting with “Do you want to come and play?” and ending with “now you say after me: ‘I will always defend my brother’.” With reference to the ways Russell presents the theme of social class in the extract and elsewhere in the novel in act one, show how far you agree that there is no escape from the effects of social class for the characters in the play. Willy Russell successfully expresses…...
Social ClassWilly Russell
Willy Russell’s “Educating Rita”
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In Willy Russell's Educating Rita, the issues of class inequalities and the choices of education are the key themes of the play. These ideas are convey through not only by the character of Frank and Rita and their uses of language but also the dramatic technique employed. Class differences are clearly illustrated at the beginning of the play, in the relationship between Frank and Rita. Class differences are especially evident when Rita assumes that an academic like Frank will enjoy…...
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Willy Russell in his play “Educating Rita”
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Informing Rita by Willy Russell checks out the relationship between the two characters associated with the play, Frank and Rita over a time span, of a number of months. A range of themes are explored as Rita, a working class Liverpudlian, aims to a higher social and scholastic level so that she might have options, with Frank, a disillusioned and stopped working poet as her teacher. As Rita progresses, Russell utilizes a series of dramatic strategies and tensions between the…...
EducationPlayWilly Russell
Field study 3 Answer
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Pages • 2
Name of Center Observed: Date of Observation: Name of Observer: Course/Year/School: 1. Print Resources Books Magazines Newspapers In depth information in a topic. Good sources of information. Present the main facts or hi-lights of an event. Exercise professional judgement in deciding whether to cover all the materials in the textbook or not. Adapt or replace any part of a textbook found inappropriate to the needs of the students and use other supplementary learning and resources to support students learning. 2.…...
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Willy Russell Create Mood and Atmosphere in the Summer Sequence
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In the Summer Sequence Willy Russell’s three main protagonists are shown to grow up from the ages of 15 to 18, thus becoming adults throughout the song. This means that the sequence acts as a watershed in the respect that it marks a major turning point in the play. This is shown through the atmosphere that Russell creates, which goes from fairly positive, hopeful tone to a more cynical and desperate one over the duration of the sequence. Russell uses…...
AtmosphereDreamTragedyWilly Russell
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Compare how Willy Russell portrays the two mothers in “Blood Brothers”
..."Blood Brothers" looks at the differences and conflicts of two different upbringings; poor and rich. Although both mothers seem stereotypical, one representing the poor and the other representing the rich, Willy Russell is obviously championing the p...

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