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Integrated Water Resource Management
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More and more they have to apportion diminishing supplies between ever-increasing demands. Drivers such as demographic and climatic changes further increase the stress on water resources. The traditional fragmented approach is no longer viable and a more holistic approach to water management Is essential. This Is the rationale for the Integrated Water Resources Management (RIM) approach that has now been accepted internationally as the way forward for efficient, equitable and sustainable development and management of the world's limited water resources…...
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Water Management
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Future wars are likely to stem from a desire to control sufficient water resources. The concept of trinity revolves around water resources, water management and utilization. Water management remains pivotal to this all important source of national survival and development. The Government’s “Water Vision” is a step in the same direction. Pakistan has recently embarked upon a road of economic prosperity. The need for energy in next decade will increase manifold. Similarly, the agricultural output will have to keep pace…...
Waste Water ManagementWater Scarcity
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