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A village by the sea
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  They are expected to get married off as soon as possible. Usually the father has to look after the marriage but in this case Hari had to. Although he was not completely grown up, he could understand things as they were and knew he had a task at hand with three sisters. 'He would have to find them husbands. ' This line justifies his task but the description, which follows again, shows the importance of the traditional dress, 'Wedding…...
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Anita Desai’s The Village by the Sea
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In the novel The Village By the Sea, the author Anita Desai effectively conveys the protagonists Hari and Lila facing and overcoming change in a traditional culture through the experiences they surpass. The use of various techniques including imagery, juxtaposition and foreshadowing embody the significance to adapting to change, to stay strong and the importance of kindness. This assists in informing the reader of change through the families experiences in the novel. A constant theme displayed through the novel is…...
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Anita Desai: Biography
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Anita Desai (born 1937) has been touted by "British Writers'" A. Michael Matin as "one of the preeminent contemporary Indian novelists," even referred to by many as the Mother of the Indian psychological novel genre. Her meticulous depictions of modern Indian life, combined with an elevated level of linguistic skill that frequently enters the poetic realm, have secured her a place of honor in the pantheon of Indian authors. Early Life Anita Desai was born on June 24, 1937, in…...
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All Chapters of Summary of the Village by the Sea
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Summary Chapter 1: In the first chapter of “the village by the sea”, the author introduces the characters and their lives. The eldest sister of this family is Lila, the protagonist with her two younger sisters Bela and Kamal and also their brother Hari. Unfortunately, their mother is very sick and weak and their father is a drunkard. The family is very poor, so to pay their debts, their father was obliged to sold his fishing boat and the cow.…...
The Village by the Sea
“The village by the sea” By Anita Desai
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This story takes place in a small fishing village, called Thul, which is ¨only fourteen kilometres away from Bombay¨ (Chapter 4), one of the biggest cities on the western coast of India, on the Arabian Sea. Although the author does not specify the year in which the story is set, we can deduce it takes place in the early twentieth century. We reach to this conclusion through the description of Bombay, ¨[…]here there was everything at once […]- cycles, rickshaws,…...
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