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“In the Suburbs” and “Richard Cory”
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Considered by many to be their most prized and sought after possession, money is rather the capital for survival. For years, the concept of materialism has consumed society. The thought that money and majesty can make one happy has been a commonly shared notion throughout various cultures, causing people to seek happiness through tangible assets and higher social statuses. These seekers of happiness may never find it by achieving wealthier statuses, while others find satisfaction in modest lifestyles. It is…...
American DreamMoneyRichard CoryRichard IiiWealth
William Wodsworth’s Poetry Composed Upon Westminster Bridge
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Poetry is an expression of a whole range of human emotions. William Wordsworth a famous nature poet wrote a magnificent sonnet appreciating the view of London city from Westminster Bridge. William uses his sense of sight and his flair of expression in the poem. The beauty of the great city of London forms inspiration of the poem. It is a descriptive poem in which a realistic picture is painted in words. The title is of prior importance as it tells…...
BeautyEmotionGodPoetryRichard CoryWilliam Wordsworth
Expalnation of Father Returning Home
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Pages • 9
ldad return home! My father travels on the late evening train Standing among silent commuters in the yellow light Suburbs slide past his unseeing eyes His shirt and pants are soggy and his black raincoat Stained with mud and his bag stuffed with books Is falling apart. His eyes dimmed by age fade homeward through the humid monsoon night. Now I can see him getting off the train Like a word dropped from a long sentence. He hurries across the…...
FathersRichard Cory
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Richard Cory by Edwin Arlington Robinson Analysis
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In the poem, Richard Cory is believed to be superior in contrast to the working people. The poem states, “Whenever Richard Cory went down town, we people on the pavement looked at him” (754). The working people had very little money and work consistently to survive, “So on we worked, and waited for the light, and went without the meat, and cursed the bread” (755). The people admired Richard Cory and wished to one day have the same wealth as…...
HappinessPoetryRichard Cory
Commentary on A Poem Dulce Et Decorum Est
Words • 562
Pages • 3
In this commentary, we will take a deep look into this poem that Wilfred Owen wrote. In the poem, a group of soldiers are described, and their emotions. Using three guiding questions, this will be an introduction into the way Owen writes his poems. Answering these guiding questions will give the reader the full package that the poem has to offer. The first guiding question that is to be answered is: How are the feelings amongst the soldiers described? First…...
PoemsPoetryRichard Cory
Paraphrase of A Poem Richard Cory by Robinson
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Pages • 5
When Richard Cory entered the business district all of the townspeople would stand aside and watch him. He was trim and clean cut. He was very rich and knowledgeable. He was also extremely privileged. The townspeople wanted to be him. They continue to work their lives away. One day Richard Cory killed himself. This brief summary of Edwin Arlington Robinson’s “Richard Cory” does not capture the true emotion and irony presented in the original poem. It excludes many uses of…...
PoemsPoetryRichard CoryRichard Iii
Idolized Man in a Poem Richard Cory
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Pages • 2
In the poem "Richard Cory" by Edwin Arlington Robinson, what does the death of this man reflect on the society and how he was idolized Life is a continuous theme in "Richard Cory" and throughout the poem Cory is referred to in full marks, hwever with closer examination, it can be seen that Richard Cory is currently nearly seen as dead when he lives due to the fact that individuals treated with him with expensive of a status. "We people…...
PoemsRichard CoryRichard Iii
Richard Cory Analysis
Words • 276
Pages • 2
The poem "Richard Cory" portrays how somebody who seems to have everything will still be dissatisfied. All the poor townspeople regarded Richard Cory as a near best gentleman. He was an extremely rich guy, and the townspeople believed he should have been extremely delighted with his life. No one understood that this man was really suffering inside. The poem leaves it up to the reader to decide what Richard Cory was suffering about, and what led up to his supreme…...
PoetryRichard CoryRichard Iii
Comparison of Poems About Life Attitude
Words • 451
Pages • 2
All four poems that I read are related in their purposes and goals; however, they are also very different. "Lucinda Matlock" by Edward Lee Masters, "Chicago" by Carl Sandburg, "Richard Cory" by Edwin Arlington Robinson, and "We Wear the Mask" by Paul Laurence Dunbar are all about the joys and sorrows of life. How we look at life makes life good or bad. "Lucinda Matlock" is a story of a woman, who, by some standards, would have a life that…...
AttitudeChicagoComparisonLifePoemsRichard Cory
“I’m nobody! Who are you?” by Emily Dickinson
Words • 1571
Pages • 7
Never judge a book by its cover. Appearances can greatly deviate from what is hidden on the inside. "Richard Cory" by Edwin Arlington Robinson, "We wear the mask" by Paul Laurence Dunbar, and "I'm nobody! Who are you?" by Emily Dickinson each give examples of appearances in contrast to reality. Robinson's "Richard Cory" is essentially about a man who is set upon a golden pedestal by others and due to his suppressed sadness, kills himself. "We wear the mask" by…...
Emily DickinsonRichard Cory
A Poem and a Song Richard Cory Comparison
Words • 896
Pages • 4
"Richard Cory" describes how one man is not as perfect as his townspeople think. The poem “Richard Cory” was written in 1897 by Edwin Arlington Robinson. It is about a gentleman by the name of Richard Cory; a man everybody admired. The townspeople look at him as if he had it all. They see his money, feel his power, know his intelligence, and not one time do they ever doubt his happiness, yet Richard Cory “puts a bullet through his…...
ComparisonHappinessHuman NaturePoemsRichard CorySong
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“I’m nobody! Who are you?” by Emily Dickinson
...In Robinson's "Richard Cory," Dunbar's "We wear the mask," and Dickinson's "I'm nobody!" appearance versus reality is exhibited through the usage of poetic language evoking various feelings in the reader. Hiding the true self from society is a necess...

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