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Swarovski Study Case
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Pages • 2
* Nadja continues to foster links with the film industry, first established when Swarovski provided the crystals used to make Marilyn Monroe’s gown for her rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ to the American President * Collaborations with top costume and set designers have resulted in Swarovski crystals being featured in films including James Bond, ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’, ‘The Young Victoria’ and ‘Black Swan’, to name but a few. Collaborations have also ensued with the music industry and Swarovski crystals have appeared in…...
BeyoncePhantom of The Opera
Psychological Masks in “Phantom of the Opera”
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Pages • 5
Everyday, people all over the world are scarred emotionally from as harsh as pure hatred to simple teasing. Young children fall victim to schoolyard bullies and adults suffer for their foolish irresponsible mistakes. Nobody, it seems, is safe. So, how do people cope with this mental attack? Role-playing, also know as psychological masks, help a person develop confidence and self-esteem. Role-playing serves as a fa ade, a falsity so the outside world cannot see the reality that lies underneath. Upon…...
DeceptionPhantom of The OperaPsychology
Chapter 47
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Pages • 1
Which of the following musicals was NOT a collaboration by Rodgers and Hammerstein? The Phantom of the Opera Which of the following was NOT composed by Leonard Bernstein? On the Town West Side Story is a modern-day musical retelling of Shakespeare's: Romeo and Juliet. Bernstein's West Side Story updates the fight of the Capulets and the Montagues to a feud in between: The Jets and the Sharks Which of the following is NOT true of Bernstein's West Side Story? It…...
Phantom of The OperaWest Side Story
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History of the Phantom of the Opera
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Pages • 10
In 1911, Gaston Leroux published Le FantÔme de l’Opera, the now famous book that gave birth to the legend of the Phantom.  Leroux had been fascinated by the mystery and design of the Paris Opera House.  As a theatre enthusiast, he had toured all the levels of the Opera House including a visit to the underground lake, cellar and hidden passageways. The mysterious events at the Paris Opera House which ignited Leroux ‘s interest began with Napoleon III’s call for…...
HistoryPhantom of The Opera
Full Disclosure
Words • 910
Pages • 4
Accounting is an information system that identifies, records, and communicates the economic events of an organization to interested users" (Kieso, Weygandt, and Warfield, 2007). Information that is relevant and important to users should be disclosed; unfortunately, some information cannot be quantified through financial data. Certain data cannot be included in the organization's financial statements. The full disclosure principle explains how companies handle situations that cannot be explained in numerical terms but should be disclosed to the investing public. This paper…...
EconomicsFinanceInformation SystemsOrganizationPhantom of The Opera
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