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Slumdog Millionare
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In the late 1800’s there lived well-known Hindu monk by the name of Swami Vivekananda. It was his reputation to be wise and many people looked to him for guidance. One of his most famous quotes states, “the great secret of true success, of true happiness, is this: the man or woman who asks for no return, the perfectly unselfish person, is the most successful. ” This statement is one that can have many different meanings to different people. One…...
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The Spiritual Genius of Swami Vivekananda
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Swami Vivekananda (Bengali pronunciation: [pic]Shāmi Bibekānando (help·info)): Bengali pronunciation: [ʃami bibekanɒnɖo]) (12 January 1863–4 July 1902), born Narendra Nath Datta[3] (Bengali pronunciation: [nɔrend̪ro nat̪ʰ d̪ɔt̪t̪o]), was an Indian Hindu monk. He was a key figure in the introduction of Indian philosophies of Vedanta and Yoga to the western world[4] and was credited with raising interfaith awareness, bringing Hinduism to the status of a major world religion in the late 19th century.[5] He was a major force in the revival of…...
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Role Of Swami Vivekananda in Hinduism
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Swami Vivekananda as we all know is the greatest Hindu monk who has brought a massive change during the 19th century. He was born in 1863 in Kolkata and continued his studies there. Swami Vivekananda is his renowned name due to his contribution to the Hindi Monasticism. His real name was Narendra Nath Datta known by a very few. He lived in an atmosphere where there was a debate about whether God had a form or was just in one’s…...
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Our Leader Swami Vivekananda
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A man, the towering personality in the history of India, a man who is regarded as Patriotic saint, who has earned the name and fame not only in India but also on other side of sea, a man who created a cyclonic forces among Indian youth to revive the true spirit of Vedanta in the mother land, a man who visualized the freedom of India far before, A man who assured the potential of global leader of India a hundred…...
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Swami Vivekananda: an Orator Par Excellence
Words • 1974
Pages • 8
Swami Vivekananda: An orator par excellence JAYESH SURISETTI The time was 6 hours, 33 minutes and 33 seconds, a few minutes before sunrise. It was the 12th of January, 1863, Monday. The whole city of Kolkata was gearing up to celebrate the last day of Poush or Makar Sankranti. The chilly breeze of Kolkata’s winters brought good news to the ears of Vishwanath Datta and his wife, Bhuvaneswari Devi. Both of them were celebrating the happiest moment of their life…...
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