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Political Leaders and Peace Building
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The state of insecurity characterized by socio-cultural conflicts, agitations, religious biases and ethnic disparities as well as criminal conditions spreading around the Nigerian atmosphere such as armed robbery, kidnapping, homicides, genocide etc remains critical issues that prompt restlessness among officials and stakeholders. Developments such as Boko Haram terrorist activities, Fulani Herdsmen unrest necessitate the evaluation of politics in Nigeria. It is a popular fact that political office holders are critical stakeholders in ensuring tranquillity and sustainable peace and that they…...
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Understanding Concept of Peace
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The study of peace is the global analysis and education regarding nonviolence, serving to heighten awareness and therefore promote alternative conflict resolution. It began properly after the second world war. The first recorded program dates back to 1948 at Indiana’s Manchester College. In a world torn by the horrors of the holocaust, pacifism was on the rise amongst both citizens and politicians with the formation of the United Nations in 1945. It has since spread exponentially with the rise of…...
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A future war has destroyed human peace
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A future war has destroyed human peace. A group of children was flying across the sea when a plane crashed and trapped on a desert island. At first, the children worked together to cope with the difficulties that followed. But because of the fear of "beasts", the children gradually split into two groups, one representing reason and civilization and the other representing wildness and primitiveness. Finally, the contradiction between the two groups broke out. Ralph is the protagonist of this…...
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