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Pizza Pricing
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Pages • 2
Pizza brand, famous or not, has been making price strategy to secure to have sales and profits to be successful. Pizza Hut uses the High/Low pricing strategy which makes them achieve success in the pizza industry. In high/low pricing strategy, a company can be allowed to have high prices and later have promotions to be able to have low price in a short-term(Badbreaks). Pizza uses this due to its good quality. Alongside with pizza hut, other pizza brands were priced…...
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Concept of Value Proposition
Words • 1729
Pages • 7
Paper Type:Proposal essays
Value proposition is understood in this paper as a composition of values delivered to customers by a company in order to satisfy their needs. Values are delivered to customers through products or services, other instruments of marketing or in other ways (e.g. by corporate credibility). They can be differently categorized. Probably the simplest categorization of values includes functional and symbolic values. In the traditional economy a very common rule of value proposition formulation is combining the price level with the…...
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Oligopoly (Economics)
Words • 691
Pages • 3
1) Oligopoly is when a particular market is controlled by a small group of firms. For example supermarkets, there are three (there usually exist three companies) companies which dominate the market, Wong and Metro, Santa Isabel and Plaza Vea, and Tottus. The main assumptions that economists make when talking about a situation of Oligopoly are various; three or four large companies dominate the industry, but small companies do exist (smaller companies in the recent example would be for example "Arakaki",…...
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Importance of Break-even Analysis
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It is an undisputable fact that every business’ objective is to survive and make profit as compensation of being in existence. Frankly, predicting a precise amount of sales or profits is nearly impossible. No business aims at making losses whatsoever. Given this, a person starting a new business often asks, ‘’ At what level of sales will my company make a profit? ’’ This question clearly predicts the uncertainty of businesses on the level of sales at which profits will…...
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