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The History of Tattoos and Body Piercings
Words • 1626
Pages • 7
To some tattoos are forms of expression of ones personality. Tattoos are as diverse as the people who wear them. The past of tattoos has been dated back 5000 years ago. Now tattoos are a must see attraction all around the world. In some cultures tattoos are a form of symbolism, others are traditions. The word tattoo comes from the Samoan word “tatau” which means to mark, and the Polynesian word “ta” which means to strike something. The prime organ…...
Body ArtTattooTattoos And Piercings
Hiring Based on Body Art
Words • 1657
Pages • 7
Why do some employers ban tattoos while other doesn’t mind them? If a person is trying to get a position that interacts with the public or with people from other companies, those other people could be judgmental about tattoos that are visible outside the clothes. There's probably a variety of reasons but I think a common one is that some companies feel that their employees project their company image and they'd like some say in the image that they have.…...
Body Art
Henna in Arab countries and India
Words • 1482
Pages • 6
Henna is a type of temporary tattoo that dyes the skin for several weeks. Henna is made out of a plant that is dried, ground to a dust and then made in to a paste by adding essential oils. Henna got its start in the Arab culture and remains popular to this day and growing in popularity in other countries. The paste that is made is placed into a cone or bag that closely resembles that used by cake decorators.…...
Body ArtIndia
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History of Tattoos
Words • 1467
Pages • 6
In today’s world, it is not uncommon to see people covered in all types of body art, such as tattoos. Arms, legs, sometimes even faces, all painted with permanent ink. For what reason, some people ask. What’s the point having words, designs, or pictures permanently drawn onto your skin? I personally love tattoos; they’re an artistic way for people to express who they are and their originality. Tattoos are a way for people to showcase their inner differences. But the…...
Body ArtTattoo
Tattoo Culture and Influence in Society
Words • 1533
Pages • 7
Nowadays, tattoo has been considered a sign of fashion. "A pattern that started growing in America and Europe in the early '90s, tattooing quickly became so popular that 36% of Americans aged 25-29 had at least one body tattoo by 2003( Julie Genser 2007)." Nevertheless, tattoo could probably bring health risks to tattoo provider. Historically, tattoo originally is the nation's cultural and symbolic, various tattoo pictures have own meaning and even it is a symbol of authority. This paper will…...
AdolescenceBody ArtCultural heritageCultureInfluencePrice
Where Fat is a Mark of Beauty?
Words • 300
Pages • 2
Significant Concept: Simmon's article illustrates a standard of physical beauty that is different than one might find common in United States or other Western societies. In the particular Nigerian tribe that the author details, a young girl named Margaret spends her days in a so-called "fattening room" where she eats to excess and purposefully avoids all but the slightest amount of exercise so as to gain weight - weight that will hopefully make her more attractive and desirable in the…...
BeautyBody ArtLife
Tattooing as a trend in popular culture
Words • 1338
Pages • 6
Tattoos and tattooing are taking on an increasingly larger, more visible role in today's mainstream pop culture. Now you see all kinds of tattooed celebrities, rock stars, movie stars, sports stars and even the elite super models proudly displaying their body art. Tattoos have been a part of people's lives for many years now. To most people living in South Africa, tattoos are a normal thing, however there are many people with opposing opinions. It's impossible to walk through a…...
Angelina JolieBody ArtPopular CulturePopularityTattoo
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Where Fat is a Mark of Beauty?
...This form of body art, though dwindling in popularity, is still seen as a custom that is part of an initiation rite that ties the young women to their foremothers' generations before them. Additionally, while in the fattening room Margaret and others...

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