Foodcourt Advantages and Disadvantages

There can only be two types of food courts: one which is spacious and has a lot of space for the customers to sit but does not have various choices of food to order and another which is very small and does not have space for customers to sit but has various varieties of food to eat.

Advantages and Disadvantages of small food courts:

– Small food courts does not have space for the customers to sit but has various different choices of food.

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It depends on where the small food court is located, if it is located in a rich or a developed area then the rich people would not care about varieties because they need comfortable space to sit.  So, the rich people might not come. But if its located in a poor or an undeveloped place then, people will not care about space and would come and try and eat various kinds as well as choices of food.

Advantages and Disadvantages of huge, big and spacious food courts:

– Big food courts are spacious and the customers can sit comfortably but it doesn’t have many choices of food. The choices of food is limited. So, again it depends on where the big food court is located.  If it’s located in a rich and in a developed area then the people might come again and again to the food court because as I said they would not care about varieties, they would only care about space to sit comfortably.

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So, if the big food court is located there then, the big food court might go in profit. – But, if the big spacious food court is located in a poor or in a undeveloped place where people actually don’t care about space but they want varieties of food, then they might not come to the big food courts. So, the big food court might go in loss or may go in profit.

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Foodcourt Advantages and Disadvantages

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