Rap Music: A Poetic Expression Through Rhythm, Rhyme, and Artistry

Categories: Hip Hop

Rap music is a poetry. It's the use of words and wordplay to express a message or story. The difference between rap music and other forms of poetry is that rap music uses rhythm and rhyme in its delivery.

It's a way for people to express their feelings and thoughts in a way that they can't with regular speech. It's a way to tell the world about yourself, and what you think about it. It's also a way for rappers to share their opinion on current events, or even just politics.

It has a genre aspect and more of the tongue-twisting raps and rhythms for the performance and having limited filthy words. A 'makata' has a piece of knowledge when comes to rhyming and on the meter, this poetry is evident to many emcees. A famous rapper like Eminem who popularizes his signature style — multisyllabic rhyme 'multi' where emcees adapting it and making it poetic.

Speaking of poetic, battle rap is just a disputation where there is a debate or discussion on a topic related to circumstances or events that happened to an opposing emcee like issues or concerns and some emcees relating to an opinion and reacting through criticisms based on their own experiences.

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Its delivery is more spontaneous and verses are artistic on the spot where emcees' compositions are direct to the point no line wasting and lines are powerful. Delivery compose of styles like Punch Lines, Freestyles/Flow, References, Bars, Scheme, and Wordplay that is so artistic and appealing to the audiences and inspired emcees adopting the style of their favorite emcees, learning it and making their own style of play.

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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