First hunting trip

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I wake up around 5:00 A.M. to a huge early morning breakfast that my daddy had actually prepared. The odor of the eggs, bacon, and toast made me lively. I rose and put my cloths on. Then went and had tasty breakfast. When I was consuming I could feel the sense that my daddy, sibling, and me where going to have a lot enjoyable. I understand that if we didn’t catch any deer which is what we where going to hunt we would still have a fantastic experience.

I likewise thought to myself that this will be the best hunting journey I will every be on. Considering I’ve never been on a searching trip.

After I ate I went and got all the searching things on like durable paints and t-shirts. Stuff like that. All my searching stuff that I just put on my papa sprayed with no sent the night prior to. No sent is an oil that takes the human sent out away so the deer won’t flee if they smell something.

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After we all got the rest of our hunting stuff on we began our little walk out in the woods about a little father that a mile behind our house. When we finally got there my daddy sprayed deer sent out that would attract the deer to come closer when the wind brings the sent out.

After my dad set the deer sent around the trees, now all we had to do was wait.

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Wait for a deer so we could get a shot off. This trip was around the end of October so it was getting cold. I had some extra shirts and sweaters on to keep me warm. I even had those hand warmers for my hands. I had so many thoughts running though my mind about how exciting it will be to catch my first deer. But than also what will it taste like and will I like it. I knew that I might have to sit and wait a long time before any deer came but that’s part of hunting. Also I got to enjoy nature.

I sat down on the ground with bushes against each side of me and me camouflaged. But then I realized that the ground was moist and damp so I sat on a log that I found instead. The wind was blowing and it was cold out. You could see my breath being carried by the wind as it came out of my mouth, the sounds of the woods even made the trip very much exciting. I could not here anything in the woods without chirps in it from a chip monk
or a squall. I swear 5 minutes after we sat down I herd something start walking toward me.

It was funny because all that came out of the bush in front of me was a squall not a deer even though it sounded like one. I was ready to shoot and everything too. It’s amazing how much wildlife is around you when you’re in the woods and you part of it.

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First hunting trip

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