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Standing at the Lincoln Financial Field, I felt small with so many people surround me. It was like I am just a little grain of sand in a huge ocean. The stadium was packed with blue, white, and green jerseys. It was a Monday night game and I would not have been anywhere else. This was the first football game that I had been to and the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants were playing against each other. Everything about the game was exciting including the food, the fans, and the players.

The smell of the whole place was a mixture of everything.

I could smell the food at the concession stand making me feel like I have not eaten anything in the past week. The scent of the melted cheese on nachos made me want to have a picnic. The smell of newly cooked hotdogs made my stomach growl and I wished that I was eating some. I could taste the hamburgers, as another person walked by with a burger in his hand.

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Because of the irresistible smell of all the food around, I became hungry and bought myself a slice of large pizza and a Ballpark hotdog.

The pizza had yellow grease dripping with some black burnt spots on the crust. The hotdog had a little tear from being grilled. Suddenly, the announcer yelled from the loud speaker for the players to come out. The roar of the crowd that surrounded me felt like I was right behind the jets of an airplane.

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The boos and the hurrays filled the stadium, as each fan rooted for his or her team. When I looked down and saw green and white jerseys, I started clapping because I knew that my team, the Philadelphia Eagles, just emerged from the sidelines.

As I was clapping with the other Eagle fans, my hands felt a little greasy from eating that hot slice of pizza earlier. Soon enough, the Giants, indicated by their blue jerseys, came out of the dark tunnel. Together with the Eagles fans, I booed at the top of my lungs. I kind of felt bad for the Giants fans sitting behind me because it was mostly Eagles fans in the section where I was sitting and we had to order them to sit down or keep quiet whenever the Eagles would score.

After that, I looked down at the field and saw that the players were already getting ready for the kick off. The uniforms of the players looked so clean with the white numbers and green jerseys not having a single mark on them. The shiny green helmet had painted white wings with black outline on each side. Looking at the players on that field reminded me of my high school football days. Every Friday night I would put on that orange helmet with the Chiefs logo on the side and played on that grassy field under the lights.

But these guys were three times bigger than me and the other players I played against with. I wondered how the professional football players are able to get up after all those bone cracking tackles, as well as pressure of several men weighing 200 to 300 pounds that would land on top of them. As the exciting game came to an end, the roar of the crowd slowly died down. I can see the happy smiles of the Eagles fans like they had just won a prize. The noise had decreased to give my ears some rest from the deafening sounds.

My friends and I made our way through the green and white jerseys, up the small steps, through the gray hallway, and the dirty bathrooms. I was finally outside the stadium and I felt my hands ache from clapping for nearly four hours. I watched car after car passing by me while I was walking to my own car. I was not able to stop talking about the game and how amazing the feeling was on the ride home. It was so exciting that I forgot about everything else that existed in the world. I would definitely go to another football game if I had the chance.

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