Nursing's Changing Role in Patient Care Models

Evolving Practice of Nursing and Patient Care Delivery ModelsEvolving Practice of Nursing and Patient Care Delivery ModelsTina GarziaGrand Canyon University: NRS-440VNDecember 22, 2018 IntroductionNursing has always been considered to be a unique healthcare profession that is connected with maintaining and delivering medical treatment, education, health services, and counseling and so on. Thus, it can be seen there is a wide range of task nurses have to accomplish. This presentation is going to have a look at the radical changes to health care delivery in the healthcare system in the United States.

The changes in the healthcare system are triggered by economic changes in the United States. Thus, the healthcare reform that has been recently implemented caused the change in the role of the nurses. Expected growth and changeContinuity of careFirst of all, it is necessary to mention that the quality of services offered by the healthcare systems in the United States is connected with the relationship of the patient with the care providers as well as the ability to give health care services when they urgently needed for people.

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The systematicity of the staff in satisfying the needs and expectations of the patient determines the quality of the health care system. The government together with the acute care establishments has taken an immense effort to include a continuum of care in developed models of care. What is more, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) contributed to the generally low spending on healthcare delivery (Creed & Spiers, 2010). It turned out to be the primary step in reinforcing care continuity.

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The bill that presupposes to repeal the act is The American Health Care Act which was released to lower Medicaid coverage for citizens that have low income. Improvement of health care continuity to nurses and the connection between differentiated models of care continuity are related to better health, equal access, and reduced cost. Accessibility of nurses to patients all over the country guarantees equal healthcare treatment for all patients. Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) These are various centers for Medicare. The establishments provide patients, especially those with long-term illnesses with the medical attention and health care of high quality since all people deserve it notwithstanding their financial capacity. It is known that at the present day, more than 19 million American citizens are covered by an accountable care contract. These contracts established alternative payments to citizens. The Accountable Care Organizations work in accord with such models as regular shared service, the payment for services and capitation. What is more, the care payments are highly connected with care services of high quality which in general lower spending. Such health care delivery in concentrated upon care and payments. Thus, advanced quality outcome and reduced spending of the customers are connected with growth in the American healthcare system. There is also single-payer health insurance, as a result of which the federal government has to pay for all health care expenses experienced by a patient.Medical homes The medical home concept is connected with the availability of the provision of primary care providers to citizens. Such health care is concentrated on children with special needs. The health care provided is personalized, consistent and comprehensive. By managing long-term illnesses such as reactive airway disease and circulation diseases, patients are provided with customized care by a nurse who implements technological procedures to look after their patients. Therefore, it is possible to state that payment reforms together with the managing of illnesses especially at their difficult stages are reasons why citizens prefer this model. Therefore, all these facts point out that the role of nurses in the health care system has significantly changed.Nurse-Managed Health Clinics (NMHC) The Nurse-Managed Health Clinics model puts huge stress on areas that are remote and not accessible in term of health care. The spending is not high. What is more, the patient care delivery and accessibility of primary care have been significantly improved. Except for care delivery, they put stress on health education and prevention of different diseases. Such education contributed to about 250 Nurse-Managed Health Clinics with more than 2.5 million patients every year. Reaching the healthcare of high quality and management of long-term diseases are the most essential healthcare issue faced by the American citizens. The Nurse-Managed Health Clinics have ruined the predicted lack of primary nurses by providing nurse practitioner programs. This model is significantly connected with nursing and the readiness of a nurse to manage and organize health care services. These clinics presuppose a considerable use of preventive services, care of high quality, not very expensive services and satisfaction of the needs and expectations of the patient. The concepts and models that are accessible in the American health care reform guarantee delivery of the most effective healthcare services to all patients despite their age and financial capacity.FEEDBACK SHARED BY 3 NURSE COLLEAGUESIn this section, the paper introduces three points of view of nurses. They reflect on the changes in the health care systems that have happened as a result of the changes in the government administration. In fact, political promises were made to reinforce the healthcare system again and again. Therefore, for this reason, the Affordable Care Act law was implemented. There have happened different changes. However, most of all they affected nurses positively than negatively. More than that, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act have given nurses greater opportunities to deliver health care services especially to people that are underserved from the medical point of view. Hence, it contributed to the increased work satisfaction of the nurses and improved their morale in the workplace. By playing a new role in the advanced change, nurses estimate the contribution they make in health care systems. The recent reform has given nurses an opportunity to become innovative and creative though researching and generating information needed to boost the quality of care provided to the patients. Nurses realize that improved funding from the federal government will contribute to the better research programs. For example, it includes innovative programs like the Transitional Care Model. It points out to the extent to which nurses are eager to cultivate the changes in the healthcare system. The nurses claimed that the education offered to students who are willing to become nurse practitioners must presuppose and stress on the quality of care instead of the quantity of the services delivered. What is more, they are sure that the leadership skills play an important role while it is also beneficial to have a sentimental on one hand but on another hand professional relationship with patients. The healthcare reform triggered these changes. Thus, nowadays the Advanced Practice Nurses have an opportunity to practice with physicians and nurse practitioners. This includes a sheer number of services to patients all over the country. It is to be noted that at the present day, the United States experiences the lack of nurses because of the aging population and rise in long-term diseases. Thus, nurses are afraid that healthcare providers will decline. In accord with the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 1.1 million vacancies of nurses are going to be available during the next years. The nurses were rather positive that the healthcare reform bill will lead to the baby boomers from low-income families along with medically underserved patients to choose to nurse as a profession. This presumption is caused by the thought that people have to make the situation in the health care system better and reinforce change. Feedbacks of three nurses on the sustainable growth in healthcare were rather alike. The nurses agreed with one accord that the United States spends huge costs on the health care system. In particular, statistics say that America spends on this system up to 2.5 times more than other countries. This has improved the quality of the healthcare services for patients. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act bill contributed to the advanced care for the patients (Thompson, 2015). In fact, one of three nurses explained that due to this reform up to 50,000 deaths were prevented . Feedbacks also concerned the availability of health care insurances. After the reform of the healthcare system was implemented, more than 20 million American citizens have chosen a health plan due to the health insurances (Protzman, Mayzell, Kerpchar, 2011). With the help of the payment programs like pay-for value programs for medical establishments and bundled payment, a patient can now enjoy healthcare services. The shifts in the delivery of health care put stress on care coordination and advanced access to primary care. What is more, three nurses recommended how to take even more advantages of the existing healthcare reform. They claimed that there should be more community nurses jobs and fewer nurses in acute-care hospitals. It is also necessary to remove the existing financial issues that restrict instant access to medical delivery. What is more, they believe that it is necessary to have programs where the patient can leave feedback and, thus, healthcare services will be improved. Finally, it is crucial to raise awareness among people of delivery plans since it will contribute to the high quality of the health care system and lower costs. The new role of nurses in hospitals, community clinics, and medical homes Therefore, it is possible to state that the roles of nurses have changed from only delivering healthcare to patients to particular roles in society. At the present day, nurses take a sheer number of healthcare responsibilities. It is triggered by the lack of staff and low budget. The shifts in the community, starting from poor eating habits to climate change, have led to the rise of long-term diseases. Conducting scientific researches on new illnesses has become one of the new tasks of the nurses at the present day. What is more, the advanced technological trends allow nurses to cater to the needs of patients at home. Conclusion All in all, the present-day realities have considerably changed the role of nurses in the health care system. The diversification of roles allowed nurses to adapt to the emerging healthcare need of society. The reform contributed to the decrease of the healthcare cost and technological advances improved delivery of the healthcare services by nurses.ReferencesCreed, F., & Spiers, C. (2010). Care of the acutely ill adult: An essential guide for nurses. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Protzman, C., Mayzell, G., & Kerpchar, J. (2011). Leveraging lean in healthcare: Transforming your enterprise into a high-quality patient care delivery system. Boca Raton: CRC Press. Thompson, T. (2015). The Affordable Care Act.

Updated: May 03, 2023
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