Well, what can I say about Simon. Every one of us here, present today in this memorial, are aware of how such a good person he exerted to be in his short life. I looked up to him, he was like a coach to me, I thought that it was almost impossible for such a pure spirit to be present, and it did; and it was my best companion. He taught me many lessons, which I know they will help me throughout life, and since the day we met I could see a future connection between us.

He was one of the best buddies I ever had. Simon was a shy, sensitive boy which made him unique. He was always willing to work for the good of his community. Having a spiritual human goodness that was deeply connected with nature made him so lovable. His name, which means "he whom God has heard," signifies the depth of his spirituality and centrality to the novel's Judeo-Christian allegory.

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Whenever there was a chance to help someone he took an extra step to do so.

The one thing I remember the most about him was his skinny, vivid little body with straight, coarse black hair. In the wind his hair shifted back ever so lightly, making it look longer. We met on a rainy day at recess when the other kids were bullying me. I was being kicked around like a hacky sack not knowing what was happening. After I finally got loose I ran to somewhere safe and the next thing I saw was him, Simon.

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When he saw me crying, he brought the joy back to me. He said encouraging stuff, like “You do know that the only reason they are bullying you is because they have been bullied themselves. If you ignore them for some quite time they will forget all about you. Hey, why don’t you spend lunch with me tomorrow?” Me slowly lifting me head said “sure.”

That day forward I spent every day eating lunch with him, laughing and having a great time. Every day was a new adventure with him not knowing what was going to come next. Every Sunday we went to church together praising the lord. One of his greatest passions in life was his pride in religion. He was very attached to his value of religion. He was always sure of what he believed in, and he never had doubts of any of this. Over a year period he only missed church once because of a family emergency. This made me look up to him even more and I joined bible club in 4th grade because of it. It is incredibly sad that Simon life ended so soon and I cannot put into words how much I will miss him. Simon was a positive person and would not want us to be sad today. If he were here he would tell us to cheer up, smile and remember all of the great memories we all shared. Even though Simon may be gone, his memory will live on in all of us forever. Simon I appreciate your friendship and will never forget you.

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