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The book Drown, by Junot Diaz is a book that involves many trouble, and drama in Yunior's life. What happens to an innocent child who doesn't grow up with a father, and that has to hustle to survive? This book should be studied by any reader, whose life like many others', grew up without the attention and affection of a father. You should read this book if you're trying to find a story that relates to this common type of life scenario, lived by a great number of Latinos.

The author himself is Latino, and his story can serve as a reflection for many readers who grew up in a similar situation. In other words, read this book if you are Latino, and grew up without a father's attention.

In the chapter titled "Aguantando" which means "holding on," the family tries to hold on, waiting for a father and husband to return. The narrator says he has lived without a father for the first nine years of his life.

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Most of this story comes from the point of view of a child, not the teen age in the former stories. The boy only knows his father from pictures his mom has showed him as he grows. Just pictures that seem that aren't very appreciated, and that just remain in a plastic simple, not safe, plastic bag. Yunior's father story says that he left the kid when was just a four year old. He left to the United States and never came back to take care of him.

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And since Yunior only saw him through pictures as he grew, he claims he feels like he grew up without a father. Yunior grew up with Papi instead, a man who treated Yunior like he was his son. Also mentioning that Papi's influences weren't the best for Yunior, he still was kind of the role model Yunior never had. Still meaning Papi didn't give Yunior that "Father's love" but made up for it a little bit. One night Mami and Papi were at a party dancing acting as if their teens again having no responsibilities. Yunior would be like the security guard making sure nobody trashes the party. Mami and Papi are two different people. Papi would cheat and Yunior would find out at the parties. Papi was too strict because he would tell Yunior and his brother " If you eat anything I'm going to beat you. I nodded And if your brother gives you any food, I'll beat him too right in front of everybody. "Entiendes" (Fiesta 37) This means that the father didn't have any respect towards his son or the people at the party. The father doesn't care what happens to his son he wants to be the boss. Yunior shoplifts and sells drugs. His mother doesn't notice because she is busy with work and and pays more attention to her children's needs like having food, shelter and good to go to school. But not emotionally on how Yunior felt about Papi not there with him and Mami working all the time for them. Yunior could have a empty space in his heart because his family isn't complete. Ramon De Las Casas (father) left Santo Domingo before his fourth birthday. "Papi had been planning to leave for months,hustling and borrowing from his friends or from anyone" on page 163. This is saying that's his father left him at a very young age. Yunior will live without fathers love. His father wanted to leave and probably didn't think about it carefully he just wanted to leave right away. "After a fork pierced him in the cheek, Papi decided to move ,just until things cooled down. He took a small bag of clothes and broke out early in the morning" on page 163 from "Negocios".

Updated: Dec 23, 2021
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