Epigenetics: Cells Of Your Body

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The best way to describe an epigenetic is the study of how genes communicate in various cells of your body. Epigenetics glances at what happens to your genes over a course of time and how these changes could occur down to your children. After watching the video a couple of times, I learned how having a disease can sometimes not affect your twin. I had no clue that this could happen, I always had the thought if you had a twin, your twin has everything you have.

For example, they interviewed two older twins and how one twin was diagnosed with cancer but the other twin didn’t. It could be so simple as changing your diet and this could put one twin at a risk for cancer. This doesn’t necessarily mean the other identical person won’t get the condition, only means they won’t receive the condition as fast. They might receive it in a year or months.

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I also enjoyed how they showed us an example of two mice’s. The two mice are identical, just one is fat and one is skinny. One of the mice has an epigenetic obesity situation. They wanted to show us the idea that having an identical twin doesn’t always mean that you are the same. After doing some research about the diseases in my family, I came across a few in which I could be at risk for. The first disease I came across was allergies. Allergies are very common and my paternal grandmother and my parents have allergies.

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Today, I have allergies as well and this is something I have from their genes, in which was passed down to me. Studies have shown “Exposure to specific factors in utero may be associated with epigenetic aberrations that affect gene expression, immune programming and the development of allergic maladies in the offspring.

Additionally, these transgenerational components may allow for the transmittance of epigenetic changes to future generations beyond the offspring leading to allergic disorders” (Tollefsbol, 2012). Depending in the environment you are in, you’re less likely to catch something in the air. In this case, I have allergies which means that my children will most likely inherit this from my genes. The second disease I came across was diabetes, type 2. This disease is also very common and a good amount of my relatives have diabetes. This disease might be the one I may be at risk for because so many of relatives have it. The last disease I came across was eye conditions. My parents and my relatives have issues seeing from a far.

About 3 years ago I was prescribed to wear glasses because of my vision. This is something that was passed on through my parents and my relatives genes. The research I have picked out is a book called Epigentics in Human Disease. This book is filled with lots of information regarding epigenetics and it covers how epigenetics reacts in diseases. It also covers how epigenetics forms, and how to cope with it. It goes over how our genes are inherited and how After reading a couple of pages, I learned how I received allergies from my genes. It talks about how epigenetics can form from the environment.

By environment, I mean if your whole entire life you’re always surrounded by smoke then there’s a high chance that you’ll have asthma in the future. There could be a high chance that you’re surrounded by dust and this could affect later in the future. This could cause allergies. When I filled the family history section, I wasn’t aware about all the diseases that my relatives had. My great grandmother was 98 and had almost all these diseases but this was because of her old age.

Mostly, all the information in which was gathered came from my dad’s side. Although I did have some from my mom’s side but, it was very little. Most of my dad’s side had depression, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, eye conditions, diabetes, cancer (colon), arthritis, allergies, and asthma. Most of my mom’s side had cancer (lungs), and, diabetes type 2. I don’t know what I will receive from their genes later on in my life.I also completed the questionnaire and my results were that I was going to live until I’m 96. I was shocked when I saw that number. I liked how the questions all related to my health. It determined my age by asking me questions about my life. For example, it asked “How much do you weigh, How tall are you? Are you active?, Do you smoke?, Do you drink”). I enjoyed answering all the questions and finding out my age had me amazed. I think I got the genes from my great grandmother because she lived a very long life. She lived a healthy lifestyle and this is something I want to take from her. She never complained about anything, she was very outgoing especially around her 90’s. People would think that even in her old age she would just sit around and do nothing. That wasn’t true, she cooked, cleaned and would exercise around the house.

I think maintaining a good lifestyle and being in the right environment can change your epigenetics. Eating the right way, not smoking, drinking water, and exercising daily could help you. The one major thing I need to fix in my lifestyle is sleep and stress. I tend to stress about everything and this is something I’ve been trying to fix for a while. Sometimes, it gets to the point where I won’t sleep all night. Every day I’m trying to fix this problem by going for a run when I’m stressed or doing something that makes me happy. Everything that I have collected from my family history, I can say to myself and others to take care of your body. You should remember that your health comes first before anything and everything.

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Epigenetics: Cells Of Your Body
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