Entrepreneur – Business Manager – Full Service Dining

Objective: To transfer my business management, analysis, and creative problem solving skills to a successful legal career representing business and individual clients.


Entrepreneur – Business Manager – Full Service Dining – Profits Generator

Seven years’ success in all facets of the demanding hospitality industry in positions as general manager, consultant, and owner with a solid background in traditional and entrepreneurial endeavors. I use a real-world approach to problem solving and my rich experience to meet all the challenges of this fast-paced, high-turnover industry.


Have increased business profits 30% in the last twelve months.
Managed two restaurants in high-traffic tourist locations while successfully attending
and completing college degree business programs and placing on the Dean’s List.

Have served thousands of patrons, and planned and managed special events.
Collaborate with diverse management and staff, overseeing a multitude of activities  that
include front and back of house operations, large budget, and P&L.

Team-building and motivational skills have garnered loyalty and reduced staff turnover.

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Use project planning and management skills successfully, particularly in high-stress scenarios,
to achieve maximum staff productivity, profits, and customer satisfaction.

Uncompromising work ethic and natural sincerity attract and retain new customers, employees, and community partners.


Savory Restaurant & Pizzeria. Largo Fl.                                                            2005 - Present



Increased business profits 30% in 2007.

Developed outstanding skills in front and back of house operations, cost controls, negotiating & purchasing, human resource management, supervision of all staff, scheduling, project planning, menus, financials, P&L management and analysis.

Mandalay. Clearwater Beach Fl.                                                            2001 – 2005


Demonstrated strong skills in managing front and back of house, overall production,

cost controls, purchasing, human resources, financials, and supervising all staff.

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University of South Florida. Saint Petersburg, FL

·         BA Business Management.

·         Graduated October 2005

Saint Petersburg College. Tarpon Springs, FL

·         AA Business Administration.

·         Graduated July 2003.

·         Achievements: Dean's List


Financial forecasting, project planning, P;L management and analysis, marketing, inventory control, scheduling, menu preparation, catering schedules, sales/product  and market analysis, tight controls in food, labor ; marketing costs, facility management, risk management ; inventory control, excellent customer relations and satisfaction,  team building, employee retention, event management ; promotion, purchasing skills, human resources management, vendor interactions, community partnerships.


Updated: May 19, 2021
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