English Spelling Essay

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English Spelling

1. Give an outline of the views on English spelling presented in text 1 and 2.

Text 1 ”Proper spelling? Its Tyme to Let Luce”, an article from the website of the American magazine WIRED, written by Anne Trubek, published January 31, 2012. Trubek claim that our language is forever evolving, and it’s only normal and a part of the evolution of languages. She believes that it would be great if we could loose our idea of correct spelling, and open our arms towards a more modern and different type of spelling. Trubek also explains how, when the typing machine and the first printed texts where created, words were written in many different ways. It didn’t matter how the word was spelled, but how it was read. She argues that there is no reason why it’s not possible to have that kind of open mind set nowadays.

She also contradicts herself a bit, by saying it’s a good thing how our language is evolving and that it’s a part the technological evolution that the society us is undergoing, but at the same time she claims that the spelling is a huge mess, and still need to follow the basic spelling norms. Text 2 “Spelling: A rebuttal from wired’s copydesk” written by Lee Simmons, published January 31, 2012, on Wired magazines website, on the other disagree with Trubek. Simmons believe that the English language is totally rubbish, and there need to be some rules, for spelling formally. He doesn’t care how we spell when we are texting, and communicating with each other, but we really need to try to concentrate when writing formal and informing things.

2. Characterise the tone and style used in text 2. Illustrate your answers with examples from the text.

Text 2 by Lee Simmons, argues against Trubek. Simmons uses the style of writing, ’quote and answer’. When Simmons, answer the quotes his tone is rather aggressively, ”Instead, Trubek waves her hands and declares grandly that ‘with the new technologies, the way that we write and read… is changing, and so must spelling.’ Really?” When Simmons uses the, quote and answer technique, it makes it easier to point out the weak spots in Trubeks article, and really dig deep in them. It’s not only pointing the week spots out, it’s also asking questions to the reader, which makes the reader think about the mistakes Trubek. Simmons believes that he knows better that Trubeck, which is enforced by his job as a copy editor at the magazine Wired. Through the whole article, he argues against Trubek, and keep shooting down Trubeks arguments. But in the end of the text, you’re being left with a feeling of disappointment, the article lacks a point.

3. Taking your stating point in text 3 discuss the relevance of spelling norms.

The point in text 3, had never really occurred to me before. But it actually makes a lot of sense. Arguing that the fewer different unpredictable spellings there are, the easier the language. The fact that the Finish language has no different pronunciations of word, therefore it is easier to learn, which I believe is good for the country, because has a huge influence on for an example, financial workers, who set to learn the language. If it didn’t take so long for to learn the English language, it could mean that the English language could evolve into an even bigger and more powerful world language.

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