Employee Material and Non-Material Motivation

We will introduce the series of work stimuli and contests, and all sales teams will be encouraged to participate in them. We will introduce individual and team contests, with appropriate material and non-material rewards. We will gather customer feedbacks, to evaluate the quality of customer service in each store (each sales team). The best teams will be offered discounts, free products from Mario Badescu, or an opportunity to have a paid day off work. The best performers will be offered promotion and higher salary rewards.

We will closely watch the performance of sales people and teams, and will evaluate them on a monthly basis. Sales people and teams will be encouraged to offer possible improvements and amendments into the existing sales programs.

Specialist retailers

The cosmetics distribution research in Brazil suggests that 32. 4% of the make-up distribution in Brazil counts for specialist retailers, while only 11. 9% involve convenience stores (2, p. 27). To make promotion successful and cost-effective, we will exercise both distribution channels.

Moreover, to become a specialist retailer for our company will mean to have a promising profits, stable financial and social position, and good reputation for the retailer in the cosmetic market.

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Specialist retailers' payment will be commission-based, in combination with monthly "satisfaction" awards and bonuses. We will develop a system of material and non-material awards for our specialist retailers, based on the annual sales.

Code of Beauty

To make our sales team perfect, we will develop "The Code of Beauty" which our sales people and managers will have to follow.

We will specify how each sales person should look at workplace, without breaking anyone's individuality.

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Each sales person will be required to have a natural make-up, excellent manicure and haircut, excellent smile, good mood, and appropriate dressing. We will have to create a system of fines for breaking this Code. We think that to make Mario Badescu products successful in Brazilian market, we will have to ensure that our sales team looks the way our customers want to look. The suggested Code of Beauty will become a good basis for preparing our sales teams to working with middle class and high income customers.


We will also need to consider the list of celebrities who will be invited to participate in our promotion campaigns as soon as we open new stores in Brazil. Celebrities will make our presentations bright, new, and memorable. High and middle class customers are extremely critical of what they buy, and we expect that positive feedbacks given by celebrities will persuade potential customers to buy our products. We will invite our permanent customers to participate in our presentations with celebrities. This will help us establish Mario Badescu as the most prominent high class brand in Brazilian cosmetic market.

Updated: Apr 13, 2021
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