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As explained earlier, emails can be used as an effective “word of mouth” marketing technique and employees can promote and propagate important messages quite easily and without much cost as well. Since it is easy to circulate emails, they can be done with so, with little cost, and to many recipients at the same time. (Advantages of Email Communication) Meetings, agendas, discussions, legal opinions, attachments, all can be shared quite easily through emails in very little time. This makes emails one of the most effective, easy and significant communication means as a whole.

(Advantages of Email Communication) Disadvantages of Email Communication One of the major disadvantages that the sender faces in email communication is that receivers generally check their email messages at their own convenience. This can cause delays in communication and a break in sharing information. Follow up on email can be quite effective, however, it will only be effective if the receiver checks emails on regular basis and replies back within time.

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(Weaknesses of Email Communication) Email communication can be easily ignored by the receiver, unlike a spoken, face to face conversation.

As it is, communication will only be effective if the person reads his or her emails and replies to them on a constant and regular basis. This also means that receivers of emails might choose to ignore messages that they do not want to deal with at present. (Weaknesses of Email Communication) One of the main reasons why emails might not be preferred primarily because it may take a long time to reach a conclusion when the same conversation could take face to face in a few minutes with the conclusion reached as quickly.

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Emails may be a preferred medium when a copy of the conversation is required, but it may take additional time to reach a conclusion when a face to face meeting could sort out the issue in the first place. Meeting minutes can also work to keep a record of the conclusions and decisions reached as well as effectively as an email. (Weaknesses of Email Communication) Another important point to be noted is that emails are not particularly personal and have a security risk with respect to disclosure pertaining to private information.

Therefore, employees must be careful and use their work email addresses for only official and not personal work. (Weaknesses of Email Communication)


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Updated: May 19, 2021
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